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  1. Thanks all for the information, this is very useful and I appreciate the thoughtful responses. I have since been advised that we should check homocysteine levels and then go from there. And I am also going to order the 23andMe kit. As to the question about the Zoloft dose - we we were told 25 mg for 2 weeks and then 50mg after that (with the understanding that for OCD treatment the dose could go up to 200mg). After 3 days on 25 mg there was an improvement...far from normal but little improvements, such as the ability to sit at the dinner table, the hyperventilating all but stopped, etc...so
  2. Hello, I am a frequent peruser of this forum, though an infrequent poster (this may be my second). We have been dealing with PANDAS/OCD for many years now - with the help of the physicians at MGH in both ID and psychiatry. After a particularly challenging episode last year my son (now 13) found some relief with a low (arguably, non-therapuetic) dose of Zoloft. Due to his swift and positive response (atypical for strep-induced OCD, I am told) we had a GeneSight test performed to get a possible sense of how he might react to other medications - surprisingly, nearly all of the SSRIs were i
  3. Hello, I have read bits and pieces from this forum over the past couple of months, as I struggled to understand what exactly was happening with my son (10 years old, 4th grade) who had hit a wall with panic, obsessive worrying and separation anxiety...the low points included near-catatonic states in the morning, daily gagging and vomiting. Diagnosis from the therapist (primarily for 504 plan purposes) is Panic Disorder w/o Aographobia with a rule of out of GAD. He had his tonsils removed at age 3, has never had a strep infection, but his strep titres (which I asked the pediatrician to che
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