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  1. Thank you both so much, I will make sure to discuss the above with the doctors. She had another bad day at school, sitting on toilet, change of clothes, etc. She is distraught.
  2. My daughter is 4 years old, and all of a sudden she started saying she was still 'wet' after urinating. She would wipe over, and over, and over. At other times, she would think she had to go pee again and again, even though she had just fully relieved herself. She comes home from pre-school in changed underwear and pants because she thinks she wet herself during the day, but we don't think she actually did. She was potty trained with no problems at the age of 2. This is the first time she's had any problems like this. 2 months ago, she complained all the time about an upset stomach. She hasn't complained about those though recently. Her school has had a few outbreaks of 'strep', and she was tested back in December 2013 when we took her to the doctor for the constant upset stomach. (Dr. couldn't figure out what it was so just said to start removing certain food items, one at a time.). Our daughter has no food allergies, though her doctor said she is prone to hayfever allergies (my whole family has them!), and she has had many a runny noses, and coughing, colds, etc.... but what I thought is the norm for a pre-school child. She did have one bad ear/eye infection several years ago. She is distraught with her need to constantly wipe herself or going pee over and over and says "i'm so sad mommy, why do i have to wipe again and again???" "why do i have to pee when i just went pee?" She realizes it doesn't feel right and verablizes how sad it makes her. She doesn't do this all day, but when she DOES have to go pee, it is quite an event, with her going back to the toilet over and over and over again. I can't figure out if it is PANDAS or not. Am going to the doctor tomorrow. If it is or we can't figure it out right away, should I suggest the antibiotics so we can try to stop this in it's tracks? Should I request more than just the typical 'swab' test they have done in the past for strep? She has yet to be diagnosed with strep event hough she's been tested for it a few times. Thank you
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