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  1. We plan to attend the symposium as well as the dinner. Maybe we could post a message is hen and where to meet up, f they have a message board See you there!
  2. DS was misdiagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 2009. He was "treated" by a child psychiatrist and after many prescription drug trials his condition did not improve at all. What we had was a drugged out son from 9-11years old. He was sttill raging, suicidal/homocidal, unable to function at school, extreme tics, OCD, etc. Through what I believe to be divine intervention, a stroke of luck and being in the right place at the right time, I met Dr Kiki Chang at Stanford. After a short conversation he asked me if CJ (ds) had experienced a sudden and abrupt onset of tics and OCD. When I told home he
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