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  1. If anyone wants to see the script he gave me, email me directly and I can send it to you. I it is titers, Ferritan, Lyme, I don't know all of this stuff...Pat
  2. Nancy, how is your doc treating the yeast? My experience w/diflucan was that it increased yeast instead of decreased. My naturalpath does Neem and Lavender drops. Thx. Pat
  3. Hi, Dr. T. in New Jersey says my boys may have selective streptococcal immunodeficiency based on the bloodwork panel he did on them. Is this a cut&dry diagnosis or is this an diagnostic impression based on the histories/info I gave him coupled with hypotheses related to the bloodwork results? Do all kids with PANDAS have this? What does it mean exactly? Thanks. Pat
  4. Hi, I am in Michigan and b/c we were planning on going to NJ this summer, I had someone recommend Dr. Triffiletti for possible diagnosis and treatment of PANDAS. I some discussion of Dr. K in Illinois and looked him up. It looks like Dr. K is less supportive of treating with antibiotics and the prednisone than Dr. T. Dr. K seems to be a big fan of the IVIG, whereas Dr. T seems to do the antibiotics and other treatments first. It doesn't sound like IVIG is going to be covered by insurance??? So my questions are: what are others opinions about IVIG versus the antibiotics, etc.? How much d
  5. Dear Carol_lsc, My son has autism and a 4+ sensitivity to coconut, amongst other things such as soy, eggs and rice, so along with being on a gluten-casein free diet, I am trying to figure out how to eliminate as much coconut as possible. Your earlier post was helpful and I was wondering if you have found anything without fluoride and coconut to use as a toothpaste? My son is 4, so baking soda might be a difficult sell. Thanks for your help. PCD Please feel free to e-mail me direct. Thanks! PCD
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