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  1. So we have been dealing with OCD/general anxiety for a few years now. After dd received her nasal flu vaccine in the fall her behavior was off the charts. Knew something was wrong and started research on PANDAS. Took to ped and he confirmed PANDAS diagnosis and put her on two wks. Cephalexin and would not extend it or do any blood work. Found Dr. L on PANDAS network and had to wait 3 months for appt. finally went on 3/4/14 and she also confirmed diagnosis and had ton of bloodwork done. DD is now on clindamycin, Zithromax and prednisone, today is one week of meds. Of course, no change yet, but wondering how long before we'll see any change in behavior? Also, anyone familiar with Dr. L and what is your opinion about her? Feed back, please!!!
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