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  1. If I could get opinions on a situation that I think really sounds like PANDAS but would like feedback about. My niece, has got strep 3-4x in two years. This last time (about 4-5 weeks ago) she got extreme anxiety right at the end of the infection. After 10 days abx her stomach hurt, so a clinic Dr said she needs more abx and prescribed more. After 5 days sister took niece to the pediatrician Bc her stomach still hurting. All the while, bad anxiety episodes. Pediatrician said-don't need the 2nd abx, stop them. Said anxiety and stomach pain will go away on own. 😡😡😡 Meanwhile, my little niece
  2. Thank you guys for your replies. My sister said niece's anxiety was very bad tonight. 🙁 I told her it would be good to ask for these tests and ask for more antibiotics. I wish her pediatrician knew more about this all. Every pediatrician should! With as many children that go through this that there are... every pediatrician needs to be educated! My sister needs to find a PANDAS/PANS Dr. but right now I don't know if she's ready to do that (distance). She'll do anything, but is trying avenues here closer first.
  3. Hello! I haven't been around for quite awhile, but have a question regarding strep. My son's issues have been Lyme and co infections, so I'm not as informed on strep. My niece had strep throat last month and since then is having extreme anxiety, OCD type. To me it seems classic PANDAS. My sister is open to the idea that this could be the case. Since she just had strep last month though, the titer tests will all be high still right? Not showing if this is what's bothering her? We don't have a PANDAS Dr in town, so my sister was hoping pediatrician could run some tests. But is it too soon
  4. thank you guys for your replies and ideas! kmacdonald34, that is wonderful your daughter is symptom free! My son is getting there, and normally I'm pretty positive about the situation, but this accident thing is getting to me, for his sake. I do believe it will eventually stop, just have to figure it out. We have an llmd appt. soon and I'll be mentioning it to her too for ideas. llm, I've wondered too about if there's particular herb that is messing with the bladder somehow. Then I think about how, well, this was a symptom before any treatment, and so tend to think it's more t
  5. my son had sudden urinary accidents back in the fall of 2013 before dx and treatment started for lyme (and bart.). They went away with his antibiotic treatment. Then, at about 90%+ symptom free we switched to herbs (2 drops 2x/day) this past fall and the accidents started again. Winter and spring I backed way down on the herbs (other herxing reasons). We upped the herbs (still not high dose) to 1-2 drops 2x/day since April, and now, especially the past month, the accidents are back. He will just suddenly pee. He cannot feel it coming. He'll be standing, or in mid-step and...woosh, pee just co
  6. a long one! how does strep in the gut work? My son (w/lyme and bart.) has been having stomach aches, about every day, since mid April. Now, of course lyme and bart. can cause stomach pain (esp. bart, I know), and stomach aches were one of his main symptoms (well, he had so many) when first diagnosed last year, but they had really decreased with treatment, so, so much in the past year. To the point where he might mention a stomach ache maybe 2-4 days a month is all (for several months). Now, it's every day. He doesn't even want to eat or play sometimes (that's not often, but happening.) One r
  7. thanks kmacdonald34 for your reply. I think that makes sense too. The good news is he hasn't ticced with blinking this time (or with anything else) and I'm going to think positive that he won't start. The heavy, blinky "feeling" obviously isn't normal (even if not ticcing) and must be being caused by something of course. perhaps it is pollen? perhaps infection; I don't know. so much involved in the body.
  8. I keep adding (trying to answer ) my own post. But just to add that he isn't actually ticcing now, just he says they "feel" heavy and like blinking, and I saw him squinting not blink ticcing. Anyway, just thought I'd add that.
  9. a few moms on another site that I asked about this too, said maybe the eyes might be related to histamines from seasonal allergies. That's something for me to look into. The two other times ticcing started for him was Oct. 2013, and then one year later Oct. 2014. I do really think other things were involved (lyme, yeast most likely), but perhaps for him seasonal allergies are playing a part too, and tipping the scale? hmm.
  10. looking for opinions, thanks! my son (5 years old) hasn't had any lyme symptoms for 6 weeks! (Thank God!) Prior to these 6 weeks, he'd been doing really well too, with just minor joint pain about 4-5 days/month is all (for several months). (he was dx and started tx for lyme last winter, Feb. 2014) So, as the weeks go on with no symptoms, I've been holding my breath, and hoping/praying for the best. This morning though he told me that his eyes are bothering him, wanting to blink heavy. He's had blinking and other tics off an on in the past (last time was Oct.-Dec. this last year, but nothing si
  11. thanks for the reply Jan251. maybe that does have something to do with it. hmm. and hi rowingmom! thank you for your reply too. I do think the screaming comes with a "have to", premonitory feeling, since he tells me ahead of time. I've read about dystonic tics having that feeling, so maybe it's that kind of a thing. But again, it's so random and rare (thank God) that that is why I question if it is a tic. hmm, confusing, and maybe it doesn't matter that much as long I keep on track with the treatment and detoxing, nutrition, etc. Partly it's curiosity on my part, wanting to un
  12. my son (5 and close to symptom free with lyme) had two screaming urges tonight. This happened last month a few times. It doesn't happen a lot, but it seems like recently a few times a month. It's just one or two screams max on the few days a month it happens. He's on herbs, going slowly. Here's my question: do you think this a lyme symptom, cycling, (b/c it might be cycling). He's so much better now anyway, symptoms few and far between lately. or is it a tic? it doesn't seem like a tic necessarily, b/c when he's ticced with other things (blinking, sniffing, lip movements) it was pretty cons
  13. just want to chime in and offer encouragement too. Stay connected with forums like this for support and information. I've learned (am learning) so much her myself. My son is dealing with lyme, and so his stuff has been a lyme triggered PANS situation. I remember when my son first had a sudden onset blinking motor tic last year. I can relate to sriramcs post about feeling so upset and loosing sleep. I remember last year when the tic started I just wanted to back time up. It was so sudden, like the name says "sudden onset". There were no other signs or warnings (well, that I recognized t
  14. thanks worrieddadandmom and valsmom for the replies. I've yet to try the curcumin I did buy (Terry Naturals), b/c to tell the truth, I worry now about everything I give him, that it might cause a flare I mean, but I know that I have to try new things, like the curcumin, so I think I will tomorrow. The ticcing still hasn't 100% resolved. It's gotten a lot, lot less since a Christmas (that week was bad). It's very frustrating and disheartening to not see it gone yet. But keep trying we will until it's gone. thanks valsmom for that idea. Does that mean the anti-inflammatories w
  15. thanks guys. I've heard good things about enhansa. I may order some, or the meriva curcumin which I've heard good things about too. Neither are available in stores here so I got a Terry Naturals product called Curamed, with Curcumin BCM 95. Maybe that will help until I can get an order from online. I do have to add a big thank goodness, that the tics have settled down again today (starting yesterday, but especially today). from the 23rd-27th they were off the charts for him. It was hard to see. My theory is: yeast and lyme die-off again. He's been doing herbs for lyme and we
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