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  1. Hi. My son, 12, started 10mg of prednisone 2xs day four days ago. Many of his symptoms like rage, swearing, vocal tics either stopped or decreased significantly. Today he is extremely hyper and impulsive but not angry or raging. Has anyone experienced these side effects? How do I know if we should continue the treatments. Please advise. Melissa
  2. I'm new to Latitudes and this forum. The short story is my ds, 12, developed severe ocd, tics, and rage issues over a few days in October 2012. His brother has bipolar disorder, so his PCP assumed that my son did, too. I insisted he be tested for strep. While the culture was negative, his titers were extremely high. Another doctor in the practice thought he had Sydenham's Chorea, so he sent us to Children's Hospital in Boston. He was put on IV antibiotics and ALL of his symptoms disappeared within 24 hours. (Children's does not 'believe' in PANS or PANDAS) and discharged him with a diag
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