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  1. I never thought of organic and I never thought of hair dye not touching the scalp when she got her hair dyed. It is something to think about, my daughter drives me crazy if it's not one thing its the other. Right now I have to here how some of her friends are getting the belly button piercing. Thanks for info Ahh, things to look forward too.
  2. They sell a hair dye at our organic food store. I have never tried it though. When hair is highlighted it technically should not touch the scalp. They start it down about 1/4 of an inch. So that could be why she did not have a problem. Just something to think about.
  3. That is wonderful news. I just looked up "Front of the Class" on ebay. The video is going for an insane amount. I wonder how much it is at Hallmark. I wish I would have remembered to watch it.
  4. My poor third child! I totally forgot to give an update about her. I guess it is because she has never been as severe as my son and I am more relaxed about the whole thing. A couple months ago she started her cough up again. It was kind of a cough followed by a panting sound. It was pretty constant for a few days and I called her pediatrician because I was concerned it was asthma. Well I was so mad I could not get in until the end of December. I then called an allergist and got in the next day. So she was tested for allergies and was positive for the typical dust mites, weeds, mold an
  5. Pamela Kay, thanks for your response. I am getting the allergy testing next week which may be helpful because I still give Nicky corn and took away dairy and wheat. I know he is frustrated with all the changes and unless I find he has an extreme sensitivity or I notic ticcing after certain foods I will slowly add back in nutritional choices. Did you use mag cream on his neck or chiro? abbe He did go to a chiropractor for a bit. I did not notice any improvements tic wise with it but it did help with his mood. I am not sure if you read this or not but even if he gets tested for
  6. Your updates are making me a bit teary eyed! It is so nice to hear these stories. My son is doing so much better now too. This is the first year that his conferences have been so positive. He is a bit behind on reading comprehension but they think he will catch up quickly. He is also a quiet boy and they would like to hear him speak up more but besides that he is doing great. They did not even have a concern for his spelling this year. I am more than thrilled with how far he has come. His tics are mild at this point. I think for him the kids calm is a huge help. We still
  7. Abbe, I don't check in on this board as much as I used to but I wanted to answer the last question you had. Honestly for us it took about three years to get to where we are. My son started with a pretty severe neck twitch as well. We took him to doctors but they just said that tics are normal for kids. Well they may be but for my son they were severe and actually made his neck sore from the amount of ticcing he was doing. Eliminating Corn really helped, it was hard but so worth the effort. In our case we ate a lot of junk food and I did not appreciate the fact that junk food was just t
  8. My advice would in the household to just buy foods that are okay. Our whole family eats the same way. That way there is no question as to what your husband can make. What I basically did was tell my kids we were on an experiment and going to eat differently for a while. My boys were six and eight at the time. They were not completely happy but I made sure I had really yummy alternatives. I baked a lot and bought things like breyers Ice cream. Breyers has a bunch without HFCS or artificial colors. I bought organic fruit bars and granola bars, they also have these fruit leather like thin
  9. Nope it is not impossible. It is a HUGE change but not impossible. I make a lot of things from scratch now and if it is not I usually buy organic. Then we have a bunch of fruits. Unfortunately I can not get my family to eat enough veggies though. Anyway, I remember when I first started shopping for no HFCS, or artificial ingredients I would come home from the store grumpy and crying. It was hard but so worth it. For us my husband was the complete opposite of yours and said "my kid is not going to be on meds". So that made me even more determined to find an answer. As for the test
  10. With my son I found out food was big trigger for him. Back when all his tics started, I thought he had a learning disability as well. Upon researching I found that food allergies could be a trigger for tics and cause learing problems. Well I decided to cut out High fructose corn syrup and artificial colors/flavors. He made a huge improvement. He was not quite tic free though but I eventually narrowed corn as his biggest trigger. I actually had him tested by a regular allergist, the skin prick way, and he tested allergic to corn as well as many environmental allergies. Since then we have
  11. As some of you may remember, I went to a Chiropractor that practiced a/sert. An allergy elimination technique. Anyway I have not gone since Feb of this year. I just today got a bill for $250. I payed every time I visited with possibly the exception of the first time for the consultation. I may have payed that too, I will certainly look it up. Anyway now I am being billed for adjustments something the doctor never said. I thought I was just going for the a/sert not adjustments. He never said anything about adjustments. It was this little clicker thing that went up and down his spine.
  12. Thanks, it does make me feel somewhat better. I keep trying to tell myself things could be worse. For the first year of her life she was on antibiotics for her kidney condition. Then at almost two I found out she had a lazy eye and needed glasses just like I did when I was her age. I was heart broken but we got over both of these issues. Now this. Right now I just feel like I did something wrong. Like maybe this is the price I have to pay for wanting a girl so much. I know it is all crazy thinking and I will learn something from this but I guess I just have to grieve a bit.
  13. Yes it can be numerous times in a minute. Then at other times she can go a bit without coughing. It honestly sounds like a fake cough. It usually does not sound productive at all. Just a soft little cough cough. Usually she will cover it with her hand. I think it is usually worse towards the evening. I have thought of it being due to allergies but I just don't think it sounds productive enough.
  14. Some of you may remember my son and the tic issues he has. Well last March my daughter started having this fake little cough it lasted a few weeks and went away. It is back again. It has been about a week ago and it is constant. I kid you not when I tell you it took me two years of research to get a hold of my sons tics. I feel like here we go again. Her tic is vocal and it is driving me insane. How do I deal with the constant coughing? I am honestly so sad. She had a kidney operation at one and now at four has a tic problem. I feel like she is being punished. I think I just need t
  15. I remember when my son was about that age or maybe a bit younger, we got him a big boy bike for Easter. It did not have training wheels but we planned on putting them on. He was so mad and flipped out. "Why did you get me a bike without training wheels?". Well we were patient for a couple years. He actually learned last year at seven. The first bike we got him was actually to big and we had to pay a bit extra to get one that was not a typical size. He could reach the ground though and it made him feel much more confident.
  16. My oldest son has gone through times when he frequently felt the need to urinate I am pretty sure he does not have pandas either.
  17. Did you travel far away? Could it be environmental allergens? I remember a couple years ago when we traveled to Tennessee from Michigan my sons tics went away. We even ate out and had whatever. The only thing I could think of was environmental allergens.
  18. He has had dairy and wheat since. We just kind of rotate it in and he is usually fine. We did go camping a couple weeks ago and he had lasagna so that had wheat, dairy and tomatoes in it. He was not such a good boy after that but I really don't recall seeing an increase in his tics. He did get sick that night but he ate way to much way to fast so I don't know if I can blame it all on the food and allergens.
  19. We had the testing done now because he still had puffy eyes every morning when he woke up. He was also still having issues with bed wetting and I was hoping that this test would shed a light on things. I have not been on any schedule and I just try to make sure I limit his allergens. Things have been going really well. This was the first time he has had the IgG testing. His tics have been 95% better since we cut back on all the allergens. His eyes are also not puffy in the morning. As for bed wetting that is about 80% better now. I think that is pretty good for not going 100% on a stri
  20. He actually did not have anything other than low and very low. For very low it just showed VL and for low it showed 1+. The lab was Genova Diagnostics and the test was called the IgG food antibody assessment. We did get information regarding a rotational diet plan but was just wondering how closely I should follow it since most things were very low. He tested positive for everything in the dairy category and a lot in the grains so I am trying to aviod those but not completely.
  21. We recently got back my sons IgG food antibody results he showed low 1+ for: Cheddar Cheese Cottage cheese Grapefruit Sole Everything else that showed a reaction was very low but included: Casein Cow's milk Goat's milk lactalbumin yogurt orange tomato cod red snapper tuna egg white egg yolk turkey gluten oat peanut rye sesame soy wheat Now if we eliminate all that I think I would go INSANE! How important is it to eliminate things that only show up very low? Also about two years ago or so my son was scratch tested for corn and found allergic. Accor
  22. When I first found out about my sons tics etc. I was so very mad at God. My son was already having issues with learning why would he do this to him too? I researched a ton and was lucky enough to find this board, but when I say I researched my husband would say I was obsessed. I made a promise to my son that I would help find answers for him. Along the way I came to realize that his tics were a clue, they helped me learn about allergies/intolerances and how they can really mess with the mind. I have come so far in the past two years and I have learned so much. I know now that it all is
  23. My kids don't wear contacts quite yet either. I just wanted to add though, that I do and some times they do make my eyes quite dry and I have to blink alot. I would not call it a tic however, more an irritation. My contacts are hard though, and I bet soft ones would be less of a problem. I also want to add that when I got my contacts I was a whole different person. I hated my glasses with a passion and really came out of my shell when I started to wear contacts. If the look of glasses bother your son I would seriously give it a try I know many kids want to feel "normal" any way they
  24. Caryn does your son have yeast issues? I am wondering if it could be a problem with that.
  25. I am seeing an increase in tics with my son lately too. He was on Trienza for the past seven or so weeks but his bedwetting got worse so we discontinued it yesterday. I know last August things were really bad for him allergy wise and his tics were really bad.
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