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  1. Hello all! I am brand new here. I just happened to stumble across an article about PANDAS today while searching online for disorders related to aspergers. I have an 8 year old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD and anxiety, he is currently taking Vivanse for the ADHD (which has made a huge difference) and just recently started taking Lexapro for his anxiety. However he continues to have other symptoms and issues which we knew weren't related to his ADHD, OCD or anxiety but we haven't been able to get a correct diagnosis for him. I am now convinced that he is suffering from PANDAS. He started having these "tics" or "episodes" as we called them about 2 years ago, it started with a constant clearing of his throat (and when I say constant I mean constant, all the time), he is always chewing on the cuff of his shirt, and most recently he has started having these full body tics, they almost look like a shiver. His school work has been going downhill, he can't focus and needs to have directions repeated to him many times (for awhile his teacher thought he had a hearing problem but he doesn't). He's also got a sensitivity to certain sounds (especially his twin sister, she can't sing or hum or whistle around him at all, drives him nuts) and he refuses to wear certain clothes (won't wear jeans at all, made me get ride of them). And one of the biggest issues we have with him is he doesn't sleep. We are lucky if he finally falls asleep at 1:00 am, and then has to be woken up about 6 hours later for school. I could go on and on but these are the main symptoms we are dealing with. We don't remember him ever being diagnosed with strep but he had a history of croup and ear infections for a very long time. So my question to all of you, where do we begin in trying to get him diagnosed? We live in Minnesota and I haven't been able to find a doctor in this area that specializes in PANDAS. We are more than willing to travel to get him to a doctor that can diagnose him and treat him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. So thrilled to hopefully have an answer for our son!!!!!
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