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  1. My son was diagnose with Tourette's today. I have already read your book and I was not surprised with his diagnosis. The medical neurologist recommended Acupuncture and Habit reversal. I am wondering if anyone has had success with either of these therapy's and would you recommend them? Thanks
  2. I just got done reading the "natural treatments to tic/tourette's" and I loved it. I found it educational, encouraging and insightful! Thank you. I wanted to ask about Neurotransmitter testing. Our natropath just did this with my son. It was a urine test and we dont have the results back yet. She said it tests for neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopeamine, etc. I am wondering why it was not mentioned ? And what people's thoughts are on it? Does this approach help for the treatment of tics? Since reading the book, I have found a new doctor that practices environmental medicine.
  3. I am new, and hoping this is an appropriate question. We live in Camas , WA which is very close to Portland , OR. I am wondering if anyone has a doctor they could recommend in our area? I am hoping for a dr that specializes in all the natural approaches mentioned on this site for tics/tourettes for my 10 year old. Thank you for any help!
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