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  1. wombat140--thanks for replying--this site reminds me of one of the many ways internet is used for "good"--it is SO comforting to feel heard and understood. OK, so the "shiver/shrug" tic has left, lasted about 2 weeks, now he's back to the "heh heh" some times, and a head tilt--just noticed it at his baseball game last night. I had wanted to see Dr. Corbier (mentioned on this site), but he is changing his practice & requires a neurologist to diagnose before treating nutritionally. So I went to the pediatrician for a referral for a neuro (he gave me a referral 2 yrs ago but I didn't go &
  2. Hi, I've been mostly reading & learning from this site for the last several years. My son, now 8, began tics around age 4. His pediatritian thought Tourettes, referred us to a neurologist, but I knew I didn't want meds, so we didn't go. I've used magnesium & other rec. from this site, especially all of Chemar's helpful posts, and he has improved a lot, though the tics are never completely gone for more than a month. Recently they've gotten worse, and friends at school are teasing him. So, I realize it's time for an official diagnosis and I am OVERWHELMED to tears at how to go abou
  3. Another question, sorry--I have been reading so much but I can't find a simple answer to this, can food intolerance (not allergy) testing be done with urine samples only? One reason I have put off testing is that I know my son will be too anxious for a blood draw. I feel fairly certain it is TS. Definitely not transient, some sort of tics have been present since 4. Today (after my post above) he told me 2 friends made fun of his shrugs at school last week. I haven't tried elimination diets yet either--he LOVES milk, cheese, yogurt--so I know that will be hardest. My son is the sweetest most te
  4. Thank you for your advice--I am planning to ask my son today if it's bothering him, and then proceed. We have been in the habit for the last year of completely ignoring the tics, because when I used to try to talk about them with him, they increased. I would say the longest we go without is maybe 2-3 months, but I stopped keeping a good record, many of his tics over the summer were mild enough that I didn't bother with it. My son was also adopted, so I do not know if there is a family history of TS, but I do know he was exposed to drugs and smoking in utero. Chemar--I've seen here some a
  5. My son is 8, with mostly mild tics off & on since 4. We can go several months without tics, but never a year. We only saw his pediatrician, who said he thought it was Tourettes, and that he'd likely grow out of it. He gave us a referral to a neurologist, but I didn't go. I (maybe wrongly?) assumed the neuro. would just offer meds, and at this point, I really do not want to try medication. I learned here from Chemar about magnesium, and I think that helped a lot, until recently. He has had seasons of vocal tics, but since starting magnesium supplements a year ago, he has mostly had mild mot
  6. This shows my ignorance, but I had not even thought about the Epsom salt bath as a detox, I was just thinking "more magnesium"! You have shared such wisdom here, my eyes honestly have teared up...I think the focus on detoxing his system is great advice. In some ways I have tried to ignore what all he was exposed to in utero-the drugs, alcohol, a terrible lifestyle and no prenatal care...it used to make me so angry. But your words help me see this information can be used as a tool to help me help him--this was very insightful for me Chemar, thank you.
  7. Thank you pilbara for the welcome and understanding--it so helps on this journey. Came up with a few more questions as I read last night--in reading through the definition of TS, I get confused between transient tics and TS. My son's (so far) have not last more than 3-4 months at a time, but then the have recured over the last 3 years--would that be mre definitive of TS? The list of tests to consider was very helpful--I am considering getting the IgG test--would that test for food allergens rather than trying an ellimination diet? My son is really picky as it is and I'd hate to take aw
  8. Chemar-Thank you so much for your welcome and response. I have been amazed at how helpful all the threads are, from especially you and Claire. Thank you for taking the time to share your own journeys and wisdom--it encourages the rest of us. Off to do more reading
  9. I have lurked this extremely helpful forum for some time, hoping I wouldn't "need" to join, hoping it would all pass, and not really wanting to include myself here (no offense, I trust you all understand what I mean!) My precious son is 7. Spring of 2012, we noticed him tilting his head back and looking through the very lowest part of his eyes (hard to describe). We took him to an eye Dr, he does have an astigmatism, not enough for glasses. He definitely has anxiety too--at that time he was constantly chewing holes in his shirts. After a few months, it went away. Spring of 2013, he started mo
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