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  1. About the tick bite. I probably didn't explain that well. Her ASD diagnosis came way before the tick bite. She had a small tick on her neck, we removed it. Over the next week or so the skin at the site of the bite was getting redder, inflamed...in general looking worse, instead of better. I don't think she had any neurologic symptoms, or at least that I noticed ( I should go back and check her ABA charts, which kept pretty meticulous detail of her daily status.) Anyway, we ended up taking her in, and the doctor was concerned it was infected, hence the abx (10 days.) At the end of 10 days she
  2. Thank you for the input, I didn't realize/expect there would be that kind of attitude, and considering many ASD kids also suffer from PANDAS/PANS, surprising. And very disappointing to hear. Sounds like finding the right doctor for us is going to be paramount. We already have a DAN who could not be less interested in exploring this. I'm not saying DD is not ASD. However, I need to find someone or someway to explain why she improved after ABX. Thank you for the response and input, I will definitely take that information to heart.
  3. Hi. I'm a new member who has been scouring your postings for the last couple days. I'm hoping some of you with experience might chime in here with thoughts or comments. My daughter has an ASD diagnosis, she is in 1st grade, pretty high functioning and verbal. What brings me here is I'm wondering about a PANDAS/ PANS type disorder, because DD had tremendous improvement after a course of antibiotics (for an infected tick bite.) The difference was akin to turning on a light switch. The improvements began at the 10 days, and after a week or so she returned to her normal self. She also runs a l
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