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  1. I really had no idea there are a lot of people having these kind of issues. It's kinda a relief that i'm not alone or really strange When i was younger, about 9-12, there was a long period where i always had to count everytime i turned around, if it was left or right. If i was sitting in a car and we had already turned left 3 times, and only 1 time to the right, after a while i'd feel very uncomfortable and i just needed to turn right or something in my head was telling me horrible things could happen. So as soon as i was somewhere alone i'd turn 2 times to the right again to make it even, and i'd feel ok again. After a while it just somehow left. But lately it's back again, but in a different form. Now all the letters have a number, and i know all those numbers. I always count almost every word or sentence i say,see or write. It has to come out as an even number, or else i have to chance my sentence to make it even or i'll feel really uncomfortable.. I still feel strange about it, like i'm just not normal.. i'm afraid to tell my boyfriend about this, although i know he wouldn't judge me.
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