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    So we finally got in to see Dr. Bradstreet in Buford, GA yesterday. AMAZING experience. He is a genius. the man knows so much about the immune system that it was baffling. I needed for him to dumb down a lot of what he was getting into because it was over my head. He has a wonderfully kind personality, no God complex and he took to ds immediately and vice versa. He even gave me his cell #!!!
    We went over all the testing that I wanted to do and we prioritized based on what he thought would give us the most actionable information. We did and OAT in the office and will be giving blood next week for: Lyme, MycoP, H. Pylori, Immune pane (IgG, IgA, IgM, etc) and a cunningham test. He feels that he will be able to tell based on cunningham test if ds would benefit from IVIG.
    We are also testing nagalase which is an indicator of low macrophages and if they are low then we will be getting GcMAF. He gav eus Vit D3 and Krill oil immediately and sent me to a website to buy Luteolin,Quercitin and Rutin in this one capsule that is supposed to boost Mast Cells.
    He feels that DS is triggered by Strep as well as allergies to food and environment. He feel positive about ds's outcome. I guess the tests will tell us more as far as any other infections.
    I feel like we are FINALLY in good hands and the great thing is that he has treated my friend's son with fantastic results.
    Right now ds has come off a flare triggered by brother's strep and seasonal allergies. Allegra has helped us tremendously.
    Bradstreet also wants us to go on prophylactic abx because he thinks everyday is too much. However, I don't want to change the protocol until he is tic free. I am so afraid of a regression once off the abx!!!!!
    All in all it was a very positive visit and I am feeling hopeful.
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    Hi --
    I am hoping to find a pandas-friendly pediatrician in Northern Virginia. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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