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  1. I hope all goes well! My son also had to have 2 supernumerary teeth removed. Searching the forum archives I found a number of other children that had this as well. Probably a strange coincidence, but I find it interesting!
  2. Dasu - thanks so much for your response. Yes, we switched to Dr. B because of the Lyme. According to Dr. B the combination of antibiotics he is on is supposed to take care of the Lyme. I have been wondering if it is allergy-related. I haven't tried any allergy meds yet but will definitely discuss with Dr. B. Thanks again!
  3. My son has been on treatment dose antibiotics for a year (we used to see Dr. L and now see Dr. B. He tested positive for Lyme and Anaplasma with Igenex. His main symptom is a motor tic (his other symptoms were mild and resolved fairly quickly once we started antibiotics). He had been tic-free since October 2014 but it started back up a week ago (I cannot figure out a trigger). I have added Motrin and it does seem to help (although the tic is still there). Have any of your children flared while on treatment dose antibiotics? If so, how did you handle it or did you just ride it out?
  4. My son (age 5) also tested positive for Lyme (IGG) and Anaplasma - he is on Bactrim, Augmentin and Azithromycin and is doing well.
  5. Did you son have any symptoms other than the tics? My son's primary symptom has always been a motor tic. We got it to signifiicantly decrease and then basically resolve for a period of time, but now it is back. He has been on combo abx since May and we added a third abx at the end of August - the tic is still there.
  6. Has anyone seen Tara Fox at the Jemsek clinic in DC? If so, would you mind sending me a PM - I have a couple questions about their treatment protocol. Thanks!
  7. No taper. 6 days at 45 mg per day. I still haven't given it to him - I am so torn about what to do. Anyone else ever prescribed a similar dose without a taper?
  8. Thanks to everyone for their responses! I hope this flare passes quickly. I picked up the steroid burst from the pharmacy today - 45 mg. for 6 days. He is only 60 lbs. Doesn't that seem like a really large dose? I still have not decided if I will give it to him - I don't want to make him worse, but I would love to make him better - I need a crystal ball!
  9. Thanks for replying! He has been on Bactrim/Azith since May 2. We added Omnicef on Aug. 22 b/c he needed to get 2 teeth extracted and Dr. B thought the Omnicef would help prevent any strep-type infection from the extractions. We saw Dr. B on Sept. 13 and he took him off the Omnicef and replaced it with Augmentin b/c he diagnosed him with a sinus infection. I spoke to Dr. B on the phone today and he has suggested a short round of steroids (6 days) to help clear up the sinus infection. It makes me nervous given what I have read about steroids/lyme. As much as I worry about my son and am so
  10. My son has been on treatment dose abx since Jan. 2014. We were able to catch this quickly (started abx 3 weeks after onset) but with the exception of a few weeks has never been 100% symptom-free. Saw great improvement once we started combo abx (tested positive for Lyme and Anaplasma through Igenex). His main symptom has always been a motor tic. Now it is back to a level I haven't seen in months. He is currently on 3 abx - and he is still ticcing. I know it isn't a herx. I have done a lot of searching in these forums and have found many posts about flares while on prophylactic abx but ha
  11. My son had the Igenex co-infection panel done in June - he was taking 2 antibiotics when these tests were done. Dr. B said it was fine to run the tests while on antibiotics.
  12. Hi -- I am hoping someone can help me. I just noticed my son's tongue is black. About a week ago I noticed it looked a little yellow, but I assumed it was something he ate and I didn't give it another thought. Now it is definitely black. He is been on a high dose antibiotic since the end of January. Is this the cause? Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there anything I should be doing? I give him a probiotic daily. Thanks for any help/advice anyone can offer!
  13. Thanks to everyone who responded - I really appreciate it and feel a bit better knowing that my feelings are "normal." I was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden (heterozygous) and MTHFR (heterozygous) and had to take baby aspirin and Lovenox when I was pregnant. I was told by my OB that I did not need any medication when I wasn't pregnant. I have not had my son tested - I mentioned it at his doctor appointments but was told it was not relevant to PANDAS. I will mention it to Dr. B when we see him this week I would be curious to know how many of us have a clotting disorder. Thanks ag
  14. First, let me say that I know I am lucky. My son (age 5) was diagnosed with PANDAS less than 3 weeks after onset of symptoms. He is being treated by Dr. L and we are seeing Dr. B for a consultation next week. He has come a long way, but still is not completely symptom-free. I have spent so much time on this forum reading others’ experiences and stories and my heart breaks for all of our children (and for us parents too). This forum has been the only thing that has kept me sane through all of this. But today I am really mad – I hate PANDAS so much. I hate that I watch every move my son
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