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  1. As an FYI, turmeric contains methyl groups, so if there's an sensitivity to over-methylation, it might cause issues.
  2. I've tried Paxil, Zoloft, and Lexapro, with the latter seeming to have the fewest side effects. Dr. L says if there's a PANDAS diagnosis, you want to stay away from any drugs that increase dopamine - best to check out the Wikipedia articles for each drug, as some of the SSRIs do have some dopaminergic effects.
  3. You don't need a doctor to order the kit - just call Igenex and ask them to send you the kit. Once you have the kit, there's a form inside that the doctor has to sign, and the results will be sent to the doctor.
  4. Besides antibiotics, has anyone had any luck with other (perhaps less expensive and invasive) methods of clearing auto-antibodies? I'd be interested in hearing about any techniques, supplements, medications, etc. that you've tried. Thanks!
  5. I've started to use the Ammonia support formula to address CBS and BHMT issues, and I actually think it helps. I'm interested to see if anyone else has had good results with any of the others? I was thinking the inflammatory support formulas, including cytokine balance and hyper-immune might be helpful with PANDAS. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey, thanks for responding. I've had the OCD since I was a kid (maybe 8-10 years old?). It started as facial tics, then morphed into more mentally based. It has been on a off since, and was complicated by 12 years of Lyme (but that's better . I don't remember how it all started, but it definitely could've happened suddenly (I imagine I had strep at least once as a kid, and my dad says I had Scarlett Fever at some point). I just tried Augmentin 875mg for a month, which seemed to help at least a little with the mental o-c, but was going to talk to my doc about going up to 1000mg. I'm also seeing Dr. L in DC next week for the first time, so I was going to chat with her about it and have her do some blood work.
  7. Has anyone had experience treating OCD (presumably caused by PANDAS) in adults? Would 1000mg of Augmentin XR 2x/day be a good starting place? Thanks!
  8. I take up to 18 grams of Inositiol powder per day (I'm 33). It's hasn't been 100% effective, but it's definitely helped significantly.
  9. As someone who went through 13 years of Lyme, I've amassed a number of helpful resources: 1. http://www.lymebook.com/ (many books on Lyme and associated infections) 2. http://mpkb.org/ (one protocol) 3. Richard Horowitz's comprehensive book
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