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  1. Hi Chemar, Thank you for your insight on his calcium dose. I'll call his doctor and ask his rationale for the 500mg dose. I'll be sure to report his response. My son has transient tics I believe. His first episode in January lasted about 2.5 months then subsided. He got sick again at the end of June and we've been seeing facial tics ever since then. We haven't received a diagnosis of Tourette's. If I may ask, what type of manipulation did her receive from the chiropractor? I am a physical therapist, and am going through post graduate studies to become a certified manual thera
  2. Carolyn, Thank you so much for your advice about Bonnie Grimaldi's vitamin program, and info about finding out the different names for MSG. I will definitely read your post. When his tics started up in January, I was consumed with worry. When I finally allowed God to take over, I experienced peace that I have never experienced before. There are days that are hard, but I am comforted by his presence in our lives and have really learned to trust that he is in control. Blessings, Melanie
  3. Hi everyone! I've been reading this board for about 3 months and thought I would introduce myself. My son's first episode of tics started when he was 2 years and 3 months old. He had been sick for about a week and started watching a japanimation style cartoon. The show had lots of blinking and flashing images. His blinking progressed to facial winking, then neck stretching. My heart sank. I grew up with tics. I had facial tics, neck stretching, and shoulder shrugging, tics involving breathing and jerky diaphragmatic movements. Currently, I have very mild facial tics that flare up once
  4. Hi, I'm very new here but I thought I thought I'd let you know about my son's Rx for taurine. He is 31 lbs and 3 years old. Our environmental doctor prescribed 250mg 2x/day. I am still wading through the rationale behind the different supplements, so I don't have any advice on why your doctor may have prescribed that dose for your son. I'm interested to see the input from others on this. Good luck!
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