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  1. Hi, I don't post on here much so some of you may not know me. I believe my daughter has pandas and last month she had strep and her tics got REALLY bad and they are just now getting better by 75 %. She only has motor tics, eyes rolling and pushing her belly in and out.....Her friends mom just call me and she has strep and also another friend of hers who she saw both of them on SATURDAY....She is feeling really good as of now and no symptoms of getting sick yet......Should I take her to the DOC just because she was exposed? I don't think he will give her a antibiotic cause he doesn't believe in
  2. Has anyone had any success with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? When I took my daughter to her Neuro she recommended this rather then medication but I am having trouble finding someone who specializes in my area..........My daughter is 10 and has motor tics, ( I think Pandas) mostly eyes rolling up and she also has anxiety. Any info would be great......
  3. Hi Faith, She was giving antibiotics when she was sick but that is the same week they got worst and once we finished the treatment her tics still stayed the same. The only thing I am doing is the naturals calm once a day. She mostly only drinks water, always has and eats rather on the healty side. It has been only a good few days but still nothing yet with the MAG. I bought some epson salt today and am going to try that? See, thing is when I took her to the urgent care they did the quick strep test ONLY and it didn't show up but he still treated her as if she had it because she had all
  4. Mike, I am happy for you and your son. That is wonderful. Did they put him on antbiotics? Is it just that in time they got better for him? My daughter came down with strep last month and she is still having really bad eye rolling tics. I am having a hard time dealing with it (she doesnt see this in me though) . She is going to a neurologists next week. Not sure what they are gonna do or say.....
  5. Hi C.P She is 10, VERY thin. What do you think?
  6. Hi, I am sorry to hear about your sons tic. My daughter is having alot of the Eyes rolling. Since she was sick 3 weeks ago they have really increased! I am HOPING they get better before school starts. She was having almost NONE all last year. Kids Calm.....I have a question....I bought her the natural calm, is that the same thing??
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