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  1. Ha, well...we have four dogs...and they go slinking off, ears dow and tails tucked whn when DD17 goes into a rage. I really feel sorry for them because it doesn't fit into their scope of understanding. The one thing I have to suggest..and it's the first thing we always do...is to put our dogs in a room with the door closed as soon as things start to ramp up. My fear is that DD might hit, kick or knock one aside in a rage (180 degrees from her healthy state of wanting to be a vet) ...or in a really bad situation the dogs might try come to my defense since they consider me to be alpha or mom
  2. Following up... While she is infinitely better, we still have a long way to go! Thanks for all the remarks. Lauren'sMom, relationships were a tough one for me too. Like many females, I was a "pleaser", an obedient daughter and not very confrontational. This disease made me take a stand with my parents and grown siblings. I know they all want the best for my daughter and want to support me but I had to draw the line in the sand on a few things. When I chose not to come home for Christmas when my daughter had major tics and chorea (large limb and total body type tic-movements) and irrita
  3. I have PM'd michelleb, but wanted to let anyone else in this situation that the only thing that broke our daughter out extreme rages ended up being a low dose of Risperidone. The pills come in a dissolvable form which means it can be administered in the middle of an episode without water. It takes about 15-20 minutes to take effect.
  4. My daughter has one of the most severe and drug-resistant cases of what falls under the big umbrella of a strep-induced autoimmune disorder that left her with severe neurological and significant joint involvement. For those who don't remember us, my daughter was an exceptional student and athlete, and world's happiest and easy child to raise - until the bottom fell out two years ago. In a matter of a days she suddenly and frighteningly developed Sydenham's chorea, tics, mutism, mood swings, joint pain and swelling. aversions, delusions, rage and host of other heart-breaking symptoms. It has be
  5. It could also be a foot condition like planters fascitis. I would get her checked out.
  6. Dr. Van Mater and her colleague Dr. William Gallentine (D.O in neurology) have been our daughter's physicians for almost two years. These two work so closely together that when you see one, you typically see the other in clinic. I can't say enough about Dr. Van Mater's professionalism and dedication. Our daughter has one of the most profound and treatment-resistant cases known, so If you have questions about Dr. Van Mater or diagnostics/treatment at Duke, fire away.
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