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  1. Thank you for all the information and for praying for my son I also hope your son's cough gets better soon. Would you mine giving me the recipe for the elderberry syrup that you make for your son. I have looked and called different places for the dried elderberry but no seems carry it, so I will order it from Amazon today. So again if you don't mind posting the recipe so I know what else to get and how to make it. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi Writergenevieve, I'm so happy your son is doing so well. I love to hear successful stories. My son has had tics since probably around the age of 3 but I didn't realized what they were back then. He is now 11 years old and has had tics that have come and gone some worse than others. He is currently having a bad one where he moves his head around so much that his eyeglasses have flown out of his face couple times. He has an appointment with a neurologist in about 3 weeks but I would like to try something natural. This past week I have been trying to go organic in my home in hopes that he will get better. I would like to know how long after you started giving him the syrup did the tics stop? I would also love to have the link for the recipe of the elderberry syrup . Thank you so much in advance.
  3. Hi, I would like your help please. My son suffers from tics and for the past couple week they have increased to the point where he twitches so much his glasses have flown out of his face. I have been doing a lot of reading and I heard that magnesium supplement helps with tics. I give him foods with magnesium but I have not seen a change so I think he needs more. What brand do you recommend and how much? My son is 11 years old and he weighs about 98lbs. If there is anything else that you recommend for me to give him, I would also appreciate it the info. Thank so much.
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