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  1. Daniel, Yes, Will's tics have gone away 95% and I would say my feeling is that it Threelac has been part of that. Yes, my son developed rashes as well when we initially used the Threelac. Yeast has come back twice when we weren't using Threelac and with each time, he has had rashes when we started using the Threelac. I feel that this is part of the yeast die off. After on it a couple of weeks or so, the rashes stopped. We are also using other things (B6, Magnesium Taurate, Zinc, Primrose Oil, and a multi) so I cannot say it was entirely the Threelac that did the trick but that it did play a big part and definitely did get rid of the yeast. Heather
  2. Hi Andy, It was my naturopath who recommended the use of the NDF as my son showed high Aluminum and Mercury levels. Since using it the Mercury levels did go down and we are still working on detox. His tics have been great the last 6 months.... sometimes come back minimally. We are still working on yeast issues as well so I haven't used the NDF in awhile. Once the yeast is back down we will treat the metals again with the NDF as his Aluminum levels are still increased. Good to hear from you. I have started a new job and just haven't had time to post but I do check in. Heather
  3. Chemar and Claire, Thanks again for all the advice on calming. I have given him some epsom salt baths once again and have continued use with the Threelac in very small doses. He is much better this week. I am always interested in hearing treatments that other people have had experience with so thank you very much for the info on the capryllic acid for yeast and jasmine for calming (Chemar) and that is also very interesting regarding the Alka Seltzer Gold (Claire). Even though Will has been doing exceptionally well, I am always keen to learn more. Heather
  4. Claire, Thanks for your reply. I am going to go back to some epsom salt baths which I haven't done in a long time. However, after posting last night I am starting to think I know why the fidgeting was going on. I have been giving him treatment again for yeast issues. I use it pretty regularly for Will now because I have had 2 times in the past that yeast has come back. However, I had been using only Candicin for yeast over the past couple of months because I ran out of Threelac. There were some yeast related things I was observing and I wasn't sure how effective the Candicin was so I again went and ordered the Threelac and have been giving it to him over the past couple of weeks. Last week I was giving him probably more than usual. I don't measure it...just shake it on his food. I think it was die off from yeast that was giving him the fidgeting issues since after backing off for a couple of days on the Threelac the fidgeting seems to have gone away (along with the other signs of yeast). This is only my observation for today so we will see what the rest of the week brings. I am going to continue with the Threelac but in smaller doses. That is awesome about the excema. I had missed your report on that. Are you still doing yeast treatment for him? Is it still nystatin you are using? Heather
  5. Hi All, I know there has been a thread or two on fidgeting in the past but can't seem to find it. Will's tics are fine but he has been doing a lot of fidgeting lately....sucking his shirt around the neck, continually touching his mouth. Is there a known vitamin/mineral deficiency that is associated with fidgeting such as this? Claire? Chemar? I haven't posted in ages as I am so busy with Work but read the posts as much as I can. Heather
  6. Claire, My prayers are with you for your son's speedy recovery. You are right in that no one judges your paranoia when worrying about your son. Their systems are so fragile that every little symptom is another worry. Glad to hear you have a clear diagnosis and the treatment has started. I am sure it will be uphill from here. Heather
  7. Marie, Yes, indeed, the probiotic increase could also increase tics. Many experience a healing crisis as new supplements are introduced (including my son whose tics are now gone). It stirs things up in the body and thus the reaction with yeast die off. Hang in there and things will get better but as Allison said, reduce the amount and gradually build up. Heather
  8. The7roses, Chemar has answered most of the supplement questions so I just wanted to add a couple of other comments. First of all, I wouldn't rule out yeast even thought the spit test didn't show sinkers. I believe that most people are dealing with yeast issues. Also, my son's tics did not wax and wane either and were continuous and constant unless sleeping. This happened for a few months until we treated the yeast issues. I also believe that once you do the treatment for awhile and his immune system is boosted, you will also see a change in the selective mutism. When the immune system is compromised there are all kinds of wacky nervous systems disorders that pop up. I truly believe they are all related to this imbalance. The magnesium is definitely important but as Chemar has pointed out there are other supplements that are probably needed but it is very individual. Good luck and keep us posted. Heather
  9. The 7Roses, Yes, the tics DEFINITELY ARE related to food and the environment. The hundreds of posts on here prove it. That is exactly what this forum is all about...finding the triggers and eliminating them and then working on restoring balance to the body so that the food triggers can be one day reintroduced. There are many on here that will help you through it day by day. As Jean mentioned, I also order my magnesium taurate from the Vitamin Shoppe. It is very hard to find anywhere else other than Bonnie's supplements. Also, as you mentioned of one mom's experience there is often a worsening of symptoms before they get better. This is very common and known as the healing crisis. As the bad bacteria (yeast/parasites) are being killed in the body, toxins are released into the bloodstream that may cause symptoms to worsen for a short period. You have to believe in the treatment to continue and things will get better. My son had tics for 3 months last winter every few seconds all his waking hours as you say. Have you tried any antifungal supplements? So as to not be overwhelmed with a grocery list I suggest just trying your best to make everything from scratch and avoid additives and preservatives from packaged foods. Avoid food dyes and corn syrup. As Jean mentioned (and thanks to Claire's experience and research), try to eliminate TV for a week and see what happens. Heather
  10. I should mention to add to the above that we didn't have formal urine testing done for yeast after using the Threelac. Testing was done using the electra dermal machine which may not be 100% accurate. The real test for us was in observing reactions and reduction in symptoms in my son, daughter and myself. I could go into more detail if you like as to why I feel it works but for now I will say simply that I believe in Threelac's effectiveness very strongly from our own experience. Heather
  11. Marie, Threelac is what we have used for yeast with great results!!!!! Heather
  12. Alison, Presently my son is not ticcing even while watching TV so I didn't end up buying the LCD. We did have to eliminate TV for awhile though as it definitely was a trigger. We have an LCD computer monitor and we would rent DVD's to play on it. He did not react to this monitor but did react to the regular TV screen so in answer to your question, yes, the LCD monitor was better for Will at the time when TV watching was a concern.
  13. EFGH, I have not had a lot of time to post lately but always read every post. Glad to see you posting again too. You didn't post much in the fall either. Hope your son will do better with eliminating the TV. My son is watching unlimited TV right now and plays the gamecube as well. The tics still remain gone and he seems unaffected by the screens. I pray to God that this keeps up. I do believe there was a regrowth of yeast but the magnesium, B6 and zinc have kept the tics away. He has had some tingling in the fingers and I believe this is because of a regrowth of yeast. There were several other signs of yeast regrowth and I have read that tingling is a common symptom for yeast. We are treating for it right now again with Threelac and this time I am going to keep using a maintenance dose of an antifungal so that it doesn't happen again...or at least do it every once in awhile. I haven't done the Threelac consistently since last January and his diet was creeping back to too much refined sugar. Heather
  14. Marcia, Yes, the Magnesium Taurate is from Cardiovascular Research but unsure of what you mean by shpikes in front of it. It comes in 60 capsule bottle and is 125 mg per cap and costs $9.56. The other strengths sound reasonable to start out with to me but I am no expert. Just so you know, some children cannot use B6 in its regular form as they may lack the nutrients to break it down into its active and usable form P5P. Because of this it is sometimes wise to add a small amount of P5P which is ready for the body to use. We were using a NOW brand of P5P only but now I am using a multivitamin from Kirkman Labs that is high in P5P. As far as brands for the calcium and others, I don't have any expert advise other than using a reputable brand with no artificial ingredients. I use Solaray for Calcium and Natural Factors for Zinc. I also have used a SISU brand for Calcium/Magnesium. If the tics decrease there is no way of knowing if it is the diet or the vitamins. That is the downside of all of these supplements. It is so hard to know what is working. It may take some time and observation before you really know. Marina, The trip to the Chiropractor has been good so far. He found several sublaxations as he calls them where there appeared to be blockages in the nerve paths of the spine. He is a very young and up to date chiropractor and for some reason I trust his theory. He showed me on a chart of the spine that the very places where he has found the sublaxations are pathways directly to the intestine. He has done a couple of adjustments so far and he will do several more before we finish. Will's tingling is definitely reduced since Christmas so we shall see what the next few weeks brings. I am also back on the Threelac since I believe the yeast has regrown due to excess sugar intake.
  15. Also, as Claire mentioned above, simply cooking from scratch can do wonders. Avoiding packaged and processed foods will eliminate many of the toxins messing up the digestive system. Avoid colours & corn syrup. Heather
  16. Marcia, My son is about your son's weight. I give him about 800 mg calcium and about 400 mg. magnesium. I also give B6 in it's active form (P5P- 50 mg) and zinc (25 mg.) Some give much more B6 but it is good to use a multi B vitamin so as not to deplete the body of other B vitamins. I just find that my son doesn't need that much B6 to keep the tics at bay. It is very individual. As Chemar said above I believe the magnesium is what is doing it for us and we are using magnesium taurate from Cardiovascular Research. It is relatively inexpensive...I think it was about $10 for a bottle of 60 caps. We ordered it from the Vitamin Shoppe online. While doing the multivitamins it would good to use an antifungal as well as a probiotic to clear the bad yeast. I know some may disagree with me but I believe yeast is a problem in most cases even if testing may not always show it. Heather
  17. Hi, I got the above posts mixed up and addressed my post to Allison when really I was addressing issues for angibrady. I was thinking the post above mine had been from angibrady and then I read it again and realized it was from Allison. Anyway, sorry for the mix up and hope it is helpful to anyone out there. Heather
  18. Alison, I think we all went through the "basket case" stage as you have recently. Last winter before Christmas I had to take my son for drives to get him to sleep at night as his whole body was heaving with snorts. He didn't attend school and would barely even go out of the house as he was embarrassed with everyone looking at him. I spent so much time just crying after he went to sleep and was so scared this would not go away. You have found the right path very early in the journey so I am sure it will be uphill from here (with perhaps a few bumps in the road). We had moved location which was extremely stressful on my son (he had a great group of friends), we were living in a tiny apartment since our new home wasn't ready for us, which was causing stress on the marriage and both kids were having trouble settling into the new school. On top of that my son had a poor diet (very limited choices) and too much sugar. During the preschool years he had been on antibiotics a few times for ear infections. You need to be careful with the overuse of antibiotics as this kills the good bacteria and can lead to an overgrowth in yeast as well. The doctor suspected PANDAS and he was put on an antibiotic and by Day 8 he was snorting so bad, I stopped it. Looking back I believe he was reacting to the colouring agent and flavouring as that turned out to be a big trigger for him as we found out later. I believe that his tics were entirely environmentally induced as there are no other tic disorders in the family. You are right in concluding that it is an imbalance of the immune system and correcting it or boosting the immune system will eliminate or at least decrease the tics. An excellent reference book is "Children with Starving Brains" by Dr. Jacquelyn McCandless. It is subtitled the treatment for autism but really covers the whole spectrum of neurological disorders. I have referred to this book often during my treatment. Anyway, right now my son's tics are gone entirely and have been for a few months. They have resurfaced a couple of times during the treatment but it was because of a change in supplements or more recently I believe he had a regrowth of intestinal yeast. I believe that this happened because we don't have the metals entirely out of his system which disrupts digestion and can cause an overgrowth of yeast. He was also eating more sugar than he should have been. The absence of tics had me become too slack in watching his diet. I do not believe my son would have outgrown this naturally as his tics were severe. I believe that the antifungal treatment and subsequent treatment with Cal/Mag, B6 and Zinc are what helped us through. I do believe his imbalance still exists and that it will take more time to heal but we are keeping the tics eliminated with the supplements. The goal is to be supplement free once we have boosted the immune system to where it should be. A lot of patience is needed and a true belief in the treatment to keep at it as there may be ups and downs. Keep us posted. Heather
  19. Angibrady, It does sound from what you have described that you will have success with diet and as Claire mentioned, limiting screen viewing. With the stress of the moves and the high sugar diet, it sounds like there may be yeast overgrowth as you have suspected. It is great that you recognize the problem and are going in the right direction to fix it. Even though we all want a quick fix, please be patient and understand that it may take some time to cleanse his system before you see results. A good antifungal may help or at least a probiotic to help replenish good bacteria in the intestine. My son had severe tics last year and re treated an overgrowth of yeast with Threelac and had great success. I am sure you have read through old posts but if not, this is the best way to find answers. As you will see, each child's imbalance is individual and different treatments are necessary depending on the imbalance. Calcium/magnesium, B6 and Zinc are common deficiencies, as well as the fatty acids. I know what a stress it can put on your marriage but try to keep that stress between the 2 of you so that your son does not feel it. This can only compound the problem. I had the hardest time at first convincing my husband that the natural treatment would work. Now he is my biggest supporter. Have patience. Heather
  20. Marina, Thanks so much for you input on the tingling fingers. I have been reading about it since then and feel it may be a very real cause of his symptoms. We are seeing a Chiroprator this afternoon regarding this. I will let you know how it goes. Hope Matt is doing well. Keep us updated. Heather
  21. We were using SISU brand - Cal/Mag which is a liquid form. It is highly reputable in our area and offers many other types of supplements besides the cal /mag. Heather
  22. Most fast food is bad with loads of preservatives and additives!!!!
  23. Simon, Your question is one that I think about often. I always wonder where I would be without this site. It is actually a site that I just came upon by typing in some search words. I think of others especially Chemar's son who went through some years of torment before finding the answers in natural supplements. It makes me wonder how many others there are out there who are suffering this way without having any answers...only what the medical doctors tell them. I would think the majority of the population do not have the time, the technology or the initiative to search out a site such as this. I believe that God has led a lot of this to this site as there are so many that have firm spiritual beliefs that post here. I can only hope that with all of the successes that we are having that the word will spread to others gradually that alternative methods are positive experiences. I have certainly done my part in spreading the word in my community. Whether people believe me or not (and there are many that don't), I want to at least give them the information to know it is available and relate the success that I and many others on here have had. Heather
  24. Thanks Claire and Evangelia, He is no longer using the Gameboy and this has been tough. I am working on finding other things but it is difficult as he was really in the habit of using it a lot the last few months. I am really wondering about the L-Carnitine and have been researching the use of it for tics as well. Funny enough the tics remain gone so I am relieved about that. I just read on a forum about children with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how it was treated with an elimination diet and B6 which was successful across the board for 6 children who tried it. Will has been eating all the triggering foods lately so I am going to try the elimination diet for all his known triggers and see if that helps. We have also upped the B6 in the P5P form.
  25. Hi Ausclare, Thanks for the info. I have already looked into other options. I have come across a book by Kate Montgomery that is healing with exercises and has excellent reviews and testimonials. I am also going to try the vitamin treatment for awhile since I do believe he has a major imbalance causing this involving B6 and perhaps manganese. It is still only a tingling with no pain so I don't believe it has advanced to a place where an operation is recommended. He is being tested for blood glucose levels as well so if we can correct that imbalance it often goes away as it is common in diabetics or hypothyroidism. Does anyone know of a natural way to balance blood sugar levels? Thanks again Ausclare for your input. I appreciate your concern. Heather
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