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  1. My three with TS (inherited but not through direct lineage) started to show signs at around 3 or 4 years of age. That's when we first noticed it. They would have mostly throat-clearing tics back then. At around age 10, the tics got more complex. Our 16yo had about a year and a half with no tics at all when she was about 13 and 14 but then they came back. There are definite food/additive triggers and seasonal allergies can be a trigger for them too. Also lighting (fluorescent).But stress plays a part too. I imagine there are other triggers that I don't even know about. When I said inherite
  2. The person who told me about l-carnitine originally didn't say it was something to take continually so I was under the impression it was just for flare ups. I will have to revisit that topic, I guess. Regarding school accommodations, we home school so they get all the accommodations they need. So would it still be worth while to seek an official diagnosis? Would I start with a ped and ask for a referral to a neurologist? With winter illness season coming on, I think it might be time to remind myself and my kids to keep up the supplements. Thanks for your help.
  3. My kids are rarely sick but they do run fevers (I rarely do) My girls especially have been known to spike pretty high fevers. But it has been a few years since I remember anyone being that sick. My oldest of the three with TS used to get extremely ill and, out of desperation, I took her for a few chiropractic adjustments when she was three. She was a different girl after that and seemed to fight things off better. The only autoimmune disease in the family would be my mil. But she had a dye injected for a surgical procedure that this is related to. I have fibromyalgia (mild and manageable)
  4. Yes, you are right that we don't vaccinate. He is doing dramatically better. He only took the l-carnitine for a couple of days. I think he noticed such an improvement that he did feel the need to take it anymore. He still has a ticcy sound in his throat from time to time. My attention has been elsewhere (getting ready to buy a house). Oh, and Chemar, I am pretty sure that TS is inherited in my family. There were a couple of people a few generations back who "twitched", as my birth mom said they called it back then. I have never had any signs of TS myself but Aspergers has come down throug
  5. I am wondering if tics are always going to be a part of my children's lives even with diet change and supplements. Will there be waxing even if they are abstaining from offending foods and such and taking their supplements regularly? I was so relieved to see my son's dramatic improvements last summer but the tics got so, so bad for a while this fall. He wasn't being as strict with diet change and supplements but I had never seen him so bad. They seemed to get better with the introduction fo L Carnitine for the first time (only seemed to need it for a few days) I guess my basic question is: do
  6. My daughter takes the AFP Peptizyde as needed and I have never noticed any odor.
  7. Ok. Here is what we did. We stopped dairy again(Friday) as soon as I realized it was causing a problem (and that he had had so much of it). We also started up the supplements again (Magnesium, fish oil). I picked up some L-Carnitine last night. He had two doses of it today and the tics have backed way, way off. He is doing a lot better than I imagined after how bad he has been the last few days. I don't know if it is the L-Carnitine (which is said to help with eye and throat tics), the dairy getting out of his system and the supplements getting back in, or a combination. Probably a combination
  8. In the days preceding this, he had made himself some chocolate milk and he had also had pizza and ice cream. He may have had some cold cereal too. When we originally started back in June, everything went away, everything. It would flare a little between now and then and it would seem to be related to artificial colors (Husband bought Fruit Loops a few weeks ago--huge trigger!) or too much dairy. But this severity is new. The vocal tics are all day. His eyes are closing much of the time. He just took some ibuprofen because he has had a headache all day. Don't know if it is tic-related or a
  9. A little background. Back in June, I found this site, bought the book about alternative therapy for TS and started changing the kids' diets. (I have 3 with TS.) We took out artificial colors and dairy, added magnesium citrate and Coromega and noticed a huge improvement. Now for today: The 13yo has been ticcing almost constantly the last few days. He had quite a bit of dairy earlier this week and we know this is a trigger but he is so much worse than I have ever seen him. It is mostly vocal tics, not throat clearing but voiced. He closes his eyes a lot too. It actually seems to be getti
  10. Omegabrites is the fish oil most commonly recommended for people on the autistic spectrum. The 7:1 ratio is more beneficial for them. I got it for my dd with Aspergers but she prefers the Coromega because she says she doesn't like swallowing the capsules. The Coromega seems to help too, especially if she takes in more than once a day. She and two of my other children have TS as well. The fish oil really seems to help.
  11. After our oldest had severe reactions to the DPT many years ago, we stopped vaccinating. Our other four had no vaccines. We have never regretted this decision. It all boils down to what risks you are most comfortable with and I am more comfortable with the risk of the possible illness than the possible damage from vaccines.
  12. Thank you both. I am just getting back to reading your responses. I got some epsom salts for the kidlets and forgot all about it so thanks for the reminder.
  13. I have been figuring things out on my own for years because we never lived near any major cities. There is a lot of help on sites like this and others. But it would be nice to have some help. I now have three with Tourettes, the oldest of them also has Aspergers and the next one also had dylexia. My first born (19) has ADHD and some other quirks (husband thinks there is a touch of AS in there too, which is funny, or maybe not, because dh has way more than a touch of AS) My 2yo shows every sign of being a carbon copy of the firstborn. Super high energy and very advanced in language. Anyway, all
  14. I just wanted to jump in and post a success story. I have been married to my husband, who has Aspergers, for 20 years. It was difficult for some years until one of our children was diagnosed with Aspergers and then I started to understand my husband better. I often took his silence personally. I still do sometimes but then he does something that reminds me how devoted he is. He is the steadiest man I have ever known. A great dad in his own way. Not much of a baby person but once the child could talk, he was hooked. I have always hogged the babies to myself so this worked out fine. Don't ex
  15. Thank you for the link. I will post to you first before I read it. Otherwise, I may go off on a rabbit trail and forget to come back. ;-) I have read a few things about the Kids Calm. Is there any reason that it is better than just regular magnesium and zinc? Is it the ratio or just the way it is delivered? Thanks. I will look for it. Also, my son is around 100 pounds. Would the kids' version still be the best choice? And would I be a bad mom if I gave some to my 2yo night owl to get her to sleep? :-) (Don't know how to add the smilies for the side yet.) Anyway, it would be such a relief t
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