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    bobh got a reaction from Gpookie in Strep A not going away on 3 abx   
    If the augmentin/biaxin is a prophylactic dose, it may not be doing the job because it is too low. Alternately, if it is a good strong dose, then the strep got a hold despite it's presence - so maybe your son has a strain resistant to these abx.
    Hopefully, the ENT might recommend another abx to try.
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    bobh reacted to MaryAW in Does Mold removal improve PANS symptoms?   
    My daughter flares from mold. This is the only thing left that triggers her PANS symptoms. For her it is her best friend's basement and the room at choir. Also, during allergy season when mold spores are high. She was ticcing badly last August from the outdoor mold spores and we went on a trip to the California coast. Her tic immediately stopped out there, and then it started back up when we returned. We are going to try allergy shots - going to Dr. Bouboulis this week to start. I would absolutely remove the mold. Just make sure you really have it done well.
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