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  1. I just read your post and I am going to explore this option with my son's dentist and orthodontist. Interestingly enough, his tic started at 8 years old when he had a jaw expander placed in his mouth. The tics got significantly better once the device was removed. We know he will need braces as his mouth is still too small for his adult teeth to come in. His tics kicked up just this September (he just turned 11 last week). After I read this post I asked my son if his jaw clicks. He responded immediately "yes," but that he never mentioned it because he just thought this was normal. My question to you is this: Is there a specific dentist or orthodontist that makes these mouth pieces? How would I go about researching one in my area if my son's current dentist and orthodontist are not familiar with this procedure? This may or may not work for my son, but it is too coincidental that we always knew that the tic began along with dental issues. Any advice with how to find a dental professional would be appreciated. Thank you so much for your post. Glad this device worked for your son.
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