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  1. Also another online public homeschool is connections academy. I used them for 2 and a half years. They are great!
  2. Again thank you all so much for taking the time to write back this group is so helpful!
  3. Thank you all so much for all your information! I would be list without this forum!
  4. Went to chop ( childrens hospital of Philadelphia) for my sons appt with dr. Jason Kim and he basically said that any doctor treating pandas is selling you false hope and taking your money. And that my sons intrusive thoughts and many other symptoms even with a positive test for strep is in the field of mental health and to keep seeing his psychiatrist. We got no where fast! So frustrated.....not sure where to turn. Any help would be great. Thanks friends. ~ Janny
  5. Thanks for your reply! I'm not sure if his PC doctor don't understand or just don't care!! ...when I took my son there to talk about testing him for all these tests he looked at the papers I printed out about pandas (skimmed over them real quick) and said go to childrens hospital they can help you. That was it. Grr! I called so many hospitals and doctors but either they don't take our insurance or they don't treat kids with pandas...it's really sad! So I demanded that he write a script out to have blood work done...when I found out the results I called my insurance card to help me find a doctor. So now we have an appt. this wednsday.at children's hospital with a immunoligest(spelling). ~ Janny
  6. Can someone help me to understand my sons blood work? Had to pull teeth to get his PC doc to write the scripts n when I called in for the results they tell me he don't want to give my son any antibiotics because he's not feeling sick ! Confused! Thank you all so much! Janny Anti-DNase B strep antibodies -result 1780, flag high Streptozyme- result 1:200, flag high Antistreptolysin o ab - result 784.9, flag high Lyme igG/IgM Ab- result <0.91 negative
  7. My daughter has stretch Marks on her belly they been there for years! Her doctor said they were just stretch marks! They are so purple! Should I have her tested for Bart? And should I find a certin doctor? I remember telling her doc that I thought it was something other then stretch marks because she was young when she got them and she was't gaining weight! Grrrr! Thanks
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