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  1. Hi all- this is my first post, so please bear with me. I have a 12 year old son with aspergers/ADHD. Ever since he was 4 he would blink his eyes for months at a time then it would switch to throat clearing then it would switch to shirt chewing. All this did not bother him at all it would more get me stressed out because I was scared about others noticing and making fun of him. He would also have many periods of nothing. The last 5 months it seems to be turning into something different and more perplexing because it is now actually bothering my son. He is still calling these things tics because that is what we called the other ones growing up not really knowing if it was tics or stimming. Well he keeps saying to me the tics are getting worse and worse and how can they stop? I feel so bad an helpless I don't know what to tell him. He say it is constant thoughts in his head. Like strange words stringed together one of them are andsoareyouwhatandnothing. He has that same phrase repeated over and over. Another is " I swear to god" "no I don't I'm sorry I don't swear to god" over and over. Another is wishing I would die, but not really like he does not really wish it but his brain says the phrase and then he has to say back to it "no I don't". His one was very hard for him. He also when he is putting a period on his homework has to make this high squeaky sound. Another is if he touches is left hand to something he must also touch his right hand to something And couple other movements With that that I can't remember. He hates all this and said it is happening so much, how can he get it to stop. Now my daughter has OCD so this is freaking me out that maybe he is getting it. OCD has been in our house with my daughter. She can't touch anything her brother touches. This has been going on 4 years now with not much of a change she is too scared to try and get better. She just has her life set up where she does not have to deal with it. She has already had partial treatment sees a psych every 2 weeks and nothing helps. I really don't think anything is going to help. My poor little boy has ha to go the last 4 years like he is contaminated. I have always told him though it is her not him and give him extra hugs and affection. Who knows how this hurt him though. Anyways the thought of more OCD has me so saddened especially since he does not want it and keeps asking me to get rid of it. Anyone else know if this is possibly just more tics/ Tourette's/ or stimming. I doubt it is stimming because I hear stimming makes them feel better and that is not he case. I keep being it up to his psychiatrist and she is not saying Much. I am wondering also if this is being caused by his meds. I know in the past Serbian meds did make him have facial twitches or blowing on his hand. When med was taken away those behaviors stopped. He has been on focalin30mg xr for a long time. This medicine has always given him anxiety for first 2 hours every morning but is best so far for controlling ADHD.. Other meds have made him violent or see things. He is also on sertaline for anxiety and mirazapine 15 mg which I think is also for anxiety but he takes it at night to help him sleep. He used to be on clonidine until she put him on the mirazapine. I am also wondering if the mirazapine could be causing this although she said she did not think so. So trying to figure out what he is doing stimming/tics/Tourette's/OCD. And then Is itbeing caused by the meds? Are there meds that fix this? I just want to help him so bad and I don't know what to do.
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