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  1. Wondering if anyone can add any insight to this. My Daughter has ALL but one symptom of pandas. She had a pos strep test 3 weeks ago, and elevated titers. Symptoms started in September. OCD, Sensory problems, Seperation Anxiety, Extreme agitation, Repeating words and phrases, bed wetting, regressive behaviour. The thing is, she saves all her worst for me. I get the brunt of her aggression, and the teacher at school says she is quiet and a little sad. My supportive family doesn't see the worst in her either when they watch her to give us a break. I have always thought that if a problem is at
  2. I'm wondering which would be better suited as our first "specialist" step in the fight against PANDA'S?
  3. Wanted to send out a heart felt thank you to everyone who dedicated their time to make this a gathering place for all of us going through this
  4. Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I am from Ontario Canada, which is a really bad place to be when you are looking for help with this type of thing We had another really bad day and I really need a vent session right now! I'm crying at the keyboard right now. I'm so tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of fighting to try to make excuses for my daughter. Tired of walking on egg shells and expecting my other children to bend to keep the peace with DD. Tired of being spit at and abused by a 4 year old. Tired of her scratching me and draining every last oz of patience and sanit
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