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  1. Thanks. She is already dairy free. She takes Florastor daily (which we started with the abx in December), and we've added a probiotic with 10 strains as well, as per our doctor. (I guess I feel like I'm still in denial about needing to go gluten free.)
  2. I'm trying to make sense of the many things we've had going on since DD's abrupt onset of PANDAS in late November. I was able to access some of DD's lab results through the lab today. Her gluten sensitivity screening was negative for celiac, but "suggestive of nonceliac gluten sensitivity." (Her Antigliadin IgG value was 46, with a moderate to strong positive being anything >30). Since PANDAS onset, DD has had more of an issue with stomach pain. I am thinking she had occasional, unexplained stomach pain prior to that, but nothing dramatic that really grabbed my attention. Since it has been worse since PANDAS onset and the start of antibiotics, I had been associating the stomach pain with the use of Augmentin three times a day. In fact, in the last week, DD developed diarrhea such that she's now off the Augmentin and onto Zithromax, which she seems to be tolerating better but the stomach pain remains. Soooooo... Would/could the stomach pain potentially be related mainly to the antibiotics? If the pain is related to gluten, does it make sense that it would have skyrocketed with the PANDAS onset?
  3. I thought the timing of the probiotic wasn't important with regard to antibiotics IF the probiotic was yeast, like Florastor/saccharomyces boulardii?
  4. Is Florastor a good probiotic if the constipation could be yeast related? (Isn't Florastor a yeast?) She's taken Florastor a few times but since I thought her constipation seemed worse on those days, I decided to back off until I (hopefully) figure it out. But I'm still confused! (She can go to the bathroom, but is uncomfortable and actually feels she needs to go throughout the day, usually just a very small amount). Thanks for any input.
  5. We just switched my DD to Augmentin from PCN. I think she was a little constipated on the PCN, but it seems worse on the Augmentin. (isn't it supposed to be the opposite problem???) Any helpful hints for this? (We are new to all of this...she was only on the penicillin for two weeks, so I wasn't even sure it was antibiotic related.) Thanks.
  6. I am new here, and suspect that my 5 year old daughter has PANDAS/PANS. I have a call in to both the doctors I listed here, with more likelihood of being able to get in to see Dr. Doctor (and he is much closer to us). Does anyone have any experience with him? Dr. Doctor does not accept insurance, so I was hoping to feel a little more confident before going in and plunking down a huge chunk of change. I am also open (and hoping...) to hear about other physicians in the Houston area that have been helpful to families dealing with PANDAS. Thank you, -Eve
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