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  1. Hi Phyl and Ausclare. I came across your post while looking for parents who currently have their children in the Dore program, or those who are interested in learning more about it. My 14-year-old son has a diagnosis of combined-type ADHD, and because of the stress of being unmedicated (can't do them due to side-effects), he now also has a diagnosis of irritable bowel with reflux. So, we looked for alternatives. We found the Dore program and he has been in the program since December of last year. He is doing well, but still has a long ways to go. I have gathered a wonderful, active group of angels (moms and dads) where we talk, debate-free, and support and encourage and share with each other the joys and the struggles as we are going through the Dore program with our children, or talk with anyone who is interested in finding out more about it. We have kids with ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, behaviour issues, and other learning issues in the conversations. We have also talked a bit about the Learning Breakthrough program as well. Since I am not a regular member on this forum, I would not feel comfortable posting a link to the ADHD forum this discussion is on, unless there is a request for it and it would be alright, or you may private message me, and I can get the information to anyone who is interested in joining in on the dialog. You can also google my username there, as "1Kid2dogs" and find it. I just wanted you to know we are there if you would like to hear first hand from those with personal experience with the Dore program what it's like. Take care! Blessings..... ~WNS
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