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  1. I forgot to say my son is terribly thin and has no visable muscle especially on his arms. He cannot seem to put on weight. I want to curl into a ball and hide from this. Lori
  2. Hello! I am fairly new to this forum and I need some help. I am at a loss right now and can only seem to cry. My son started a throat clearing tic two weeks after we moved into our new house last September. This was a new construction home. Sometimes present was bealching which seemed at the time to me like bad stomach problems. Soon after I began homeschooling his first grade year and noticed his focus was horrible and almost seem dyslexic at times with a lot of backward letter and number writting. In early December with the throat clearing tic still there he stared the eye blinking tic
  3. Hi Pam, I am new here and this is my first post. I noticed you mentioned taking your son to Dr. Maulfair in Topton, PA. I found him on the enviromental Medicine listing and he was the closest one to our home. I was planning on was calling him in the morning for help with my son's tics that started in October after we moved into a new home. Are you still using him? Was he a help with your son? Our insurance will not cover much of this visit with him so this can be expensive for us though I am in need of answers. If you dont mind can you please share your experience at his practice? Tha
  4. Good morning Owen's Mom & welcome to this wonderful forum. Bonnie's supplements: Our son, who is 5, started having tics this past December. We started him on the vitamin regime immediately & within 2 weeks had him on the full doseage of 11 vitamins & 4 fish oils w/MagTaurette. My husband takes them as well & as a result, the boys eagerly do what Dad does, so taking the vitamins has been more of a game & a passage to manhood than a bothersome task. Helps!! Food: On Bonnie's site, she decribed certain foods, preservatives & food dies that are tic triggers.
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