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  1. Yes, she has OCD and you asked about negative affects...I took her to see a phychologist a couple of times when she was in high school, not for alphabetizing, but for..I know this sounds strange...but when she was in school taking exams, concentrating really hard, she would hear the answers "screamed" to her. The first time it happened, she jumped out of her seat & looked at the back of the room thinking someone was screaming. Everyone else was just sitting there taking their test and she realized that she was the only one who heard it. Freaked her out. Me too! But at least it was screams of the right answer...she made really good grades! Then she had a couple of panic attacks, so thats when we went to see the psychologist. He pointed out about her alphabetizing that she never gets a chance to relax. Most people will pick up a book to relax... or watch a movie or something, but it isnt relaxing to her because her mind is constantly in overdrive. (Brian, does this sound familiar!?) They put her on Paxel and it helps. She still alphabetizes, but doesnt really notice that she's doing it. Speaking of Paxel...She had always been detail oriented, excelled at pretty much everything. Paxel made her go in the opposite direction. NOTHING bothered her. Things that should bother her didnt. Messed up her credit...quit her job...quit college...had to sell her BMW that she'd worked so hard to pay for... Then it seemed to level off and for the last couple of years she's done well. Was promoted to bar manager at the restaurant she works for. Is focused and goal oriented once again. (Brian be careful taking any medications for this. Make sure you are monitored very closely. They just gave my daughter the prescription and sent her on her way. No follow ups really. We didnt even put two and two together and figure out the Paxel was messing with her until it was almost too late. We thought she'd just lost her mind when she graduated highschool! And, yes, she is also very artistic and creative. She's now decided she wants to be a jewelry designer and is looking at design schools.... She worked in clothing retail in highschool (before Paxel) and designed the most beautiful store fronts and you can bet all the clothes hangers were facing the same direction Sorry this is so long...it's nice to be able to talk about this with people that understand!
  2. Ive been searching the internet for compulsive alphabetizers! I cant believe I found one! My 22 year old daughter can alphabetize faster than I can spell... It's really freaky! Once she saw someone on the Opra Winfrey (I think that was the show) that could do it. She called me all excited that she wasnt the only one in the world that could do it! She alphetizes everything she sees..road signs, menus, etc. She also counts syllables & can tell you if there's an odd or even number on a book page after reading it. I'd love to hear how you cope with it and how it's affected your life.
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