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  1. Hi Ausclare, I received an email through ACN from you, and thank you for your words of help, I am in Newcastle and have loved this site and found many helpful ideas, so far my son has responded very well to alternative medicines, I see a Bio Chemist and have been for 4 months and my son is so much better, I stopped crying about it 2 months ago. So hang in there, if you read my past posts my son had high metals and I believe this was the problem as well as yeast. If you need my email direct marretts@yahoo.com.au - I don't check it all the time maybe once/twice a week.
  2. I think Brian one main reason is that just this week in Australia 5 fish breeds were reported to have very high mercury levels which I and many others believe contribute to immune problems, by taking the fish oil most brands can say they have no mercury in their products and also most people know they should eat fish twice a week but its like drinking 8 glasses of water a day, I know I should but I don't, this way we are making sure our children are getting their Omega 3's.
  3. Sheila, the tests are done at a biologics lab in Sydney, Australia and they draw blood and check against 66 chemicals,the same for food sensitivities. Thanks for information.
  4. Hi Sheila, I see you are on at the moment and I wanted to ask you some questions, my son started ticcing in September after several bouts of illness and not long after we put in carpet, I have had him tested for heavy metals which he was very high in lead, aluminium, copper and mercury. He also had food sensivities to corn, wheat, gluten, rockmelon, strawberries, sugar, milk (all mild) and moderate to bakers yeast. We have been treating him for yeast and metals with Vit C and Multi-B and Salmon oil and seen much improvement. He did not test positive to formaldahyde so does this mean ca
  5. Jennifer, wanted to let u know I have been reading a book called hitchhiking through Asperger Syndrome by Lise Pyles, its a mothers story about her son and what helped him, and she mentions that she talked to Bonnie Grimaldi about minerals and basically follows her regime, but she gives more B6 more towards autism than tourettes although her son did have tics as well. Her son also had milk allergy, all colours and preservatives and found several other triggers by doing emlin. diet and feingold. Anyway her son is much improved after all her efforts, he also had a sulfation problem which
  6. Hi Heather, I too share your thoughts, My sons symptoms started in September after 3 bouts of illnesses, high fevers, vomiting and ear infections in a matter of 6 weeks then all this started. As a child he had many ear infections which was treated with antibotics which in turn have their own side affects of which my son reacted with diarrhia and vomiting on pennicillan. My son also had a very large absys on his gum around September and I think all this impacted on his nervous system. I hope all this supplementing will eventually help. He also had very high metals in his system but I d
  7. thanks Jeff, I have looked up the feingold diet so will try to stick with that its confusing over the yeast thing. I looked yesterday and couldn't find any decent bread thats not as hard as a brick thats gluten/yeast and wheat free.
  8. Hi all, once again thanks for your help, it was a blood test which tests 89 common foods and rates from mild to severe, I also had them test for chemicals. I think they test the blood to see if it reacts rather than whats already in the system, as he was positive for several chemicals that I don't use, as I use all natural cleaning and no pesticides. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed again, I hope I can find the products in Australia you mention for the bread mix and also the heavy metals. thanks
  9. Hi Jeff, I just posted a new topic about food sensitivities then I saw your response here, I have seen your previous posts and thought I was dealing more with heavy metals and yeast however now I wonder, my son came back with mild sens. to Avocado, Grapes, oranges (not lemons) rockmelons, strawberries, broccoli, cane sugar, aspartame, cows milk, corn, sunflower, wheat and wheat gluten and bakers/brewers yeast. plus several food additives. Does this sound like salicitys to you (or however its spelt). I will check out the feingold diet site, hopefully it will work for us. so far the supp
  10. Hi everyone, Just got the food test back and my son is has a mild sensitivity to grapes, corn, oranges, broccoli, cows milk, wheat, gluten, brewers yeast and higher to bakers yeast. But had no reaction to candida, which we have been treating. I'm confused if he has problems with yeast but no reaction to candida albicans?? I wonder why. So now I have to find a bread he can eat, we have been off dairy for 3mths now which is good. Also no reaction to chedder is this a cheese that is not dairy? Hoping someone can help me, I added L-carnitine for eye-rolling 2 weeks ago and he is much bett
  11. Thanks for that Jennifer, I will go to the library today and see if I can get that. I'm sure my family think I'm obsessed, actually I am!! But I see the success that a lot of the people are having here and know I'm on the right track. How is your son going? Does amino acid testing require a blood test? Thanks
  12. Hi Heather, Well we had a hair analysis done which was sent to America for a lab to do there. And it showed very high Aluminium, lead, copper, nickel and fairly high mercury. I have researched symptoms and as some autistic children have mercury problems and also some have tics and maybe all these problems are on the same spectrum I'm guessing that's the root of the tics. Also I think mercury is worse or does not excrete fromt he body properly if there is a yeast problem. Will let you know how our visit goes tomorrow as we are a day behind you. Thanks Again for replying.
  13. Heather, I too would like to thank you for posting your story and success, it gives us the encouragement to go on. Your story sounds much like my son. We are treating the yeast first as well, although no yeast test was done, however they did a finger prick blood test which showed digestive problems. We are off to the naturopath today. Can you tell me how long you treated the yeast before doing NDF. Also did your child have eye-rolling tic? This one seems quite bad at the moment. Has anyone tried L-carnitine for this? Threelac is over $100 in Australia do you think it is much bette
  14. To Heather and Jennifer In regard to symptoms with your children did they have eye rolling and looking to one side. My son has heavy aluminium, lead, nickel, copper and fairly high Mercury. I have got some homeopathic drops yesterday for mercury and lead, I will get the malic acid in a week hope this works. I am having trouble getting NDF in Australia, does anyone know if I can combine homeopathic drops with NDF as I don't wont to detox him to quickly. My son also shoulder shrugs and eye rolling although much better in last 2 months. Thanks
  15. Thanks Heather, Your response fits experience that you give me hope, my sons condition started after several bouts of fever, and vomiting and general unwellness, we too went to a Naturopath and hair anaylsis found high aluminium, nickel and lead and fairly high Mercury, so we are on gut flora for yeast problems, I have not eliminated bread all together, he said just not too much. My son is also taking fatty acid supps. I have found an improvement but still noticeable I just hope we will get to your stage, what is NDF?? I am also supplementing with Multil-B, Vit C for metals and magnes
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