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  1. Thanks so much Sheila, for your response and for everything else!! I spoke with you a couple times on the phone. Thanks to everyone else too! Sounds like this is a real problem. Alot of money (millions), which could be put to very good use, instead going to well intentioned bureaucrats! It makes me sick and puts a fire in my belly to do something about it. Having to many thoughts right now and probably shouldn't spout off to much. But I will do some digging next week.....I'll be in touch.
  2. I agree completly. I called them twice 3 years ago to discuss some alternatives such as Bontech sups. They wanted nothing to do with it and it turned into an argument. I never called them again.
  3. Hello, I have had the stomach tic that you described for the past 30 years. I am going to have it checked out August 3. I will post with any positive results. It is also the most bothersome tic I have. The others are very minor.
  4. Hi czl, I am very sorry to hear about your son's stuggles. TS can be a son of a gun to battle on a daily basis. My son and I have it - me for 33 years. We have found, as many in this forum, that cleaning up the diet often has positive results. That is eating foods without any artificial anything. All natural foods. Have you tried to eat a "clean diet". It can be difficult at first, until you get used to it, but usually well worth the effort.
  5. Is that the specific supp regimen you were on when you noticed the 50% decrease in tics? Yes guy, that is the one
  6. Questions: Did you stay on the supplement regimen that caused those changes? If so, I would be interested to know what supps they were and how long it took before your body adapted and they were no longer working. And then if that was the case, if you cycled off of them and then started them back up later, did you notice the same effect again? If you stopped taking them, why? Thanks. Hey Guy, I got off the regimen because i had a root canal which messed things up both times. Than when I got back on, as I am today, I never got the same results. I'll get there - just
  7. ^ wow really they increased? thats horrible.. AHB900 I definitely wouldn't say horrible. Challenging at times, yes. But I have (and have had) such a blessed life. Always lots of freinds, good athlete - into mostly all sports, lots of hardy laughter, married with kids (yes they have ts but doing quite well), great career, ect..... Often things are as bad or as good as we choose to make them. Not to deminish the very difficult time many parents and kids (on this forum and elsewhere) are going through. I just found that, having lived with this for 30 some years, if I focus on
  8. Age when tics started - 11 Current Age - 42 Did your tics reduce or increase as you aged - increase My tics reduced by 50% - 75% twice over the past 2 years due to supplementation and diet for about a month each time. That's never happened before. It was truely amazing and relieving. I'm still on a quest to get that tremendous relief back. Not sure what it was. I guess just right the combination of diet and supps.
  9. It's tough to tell Patty. We finnished going a year ago after about 7 times. His tics still increased during Spring and we had him treated for Spring allergies. But maybe he would have been worse without it - who knows. For us the key seems to be clean diet and sups.
  10. Hey Faith, No not treated by NAEY for yeast. He was treated for other stuff.....not sure if it worked. It very well could be a bug going aroun d as CSP said.
  11. Hi Faith, I have had the stomach tic for 30 years. My son has had it for 6 yrs. He is doing great now and I am doing pretty well. We have been on the candida diet for almost 2 years and taking sups, probiotics, ect.... My son use to cry because of his stomach since he was about 3. I was pretty sure what it was back than, and when he could talk better at 5 and 6 I was sure what it was. It seems to be yeast related.
  12. Hello elanasilver, I've had TS for the past 30 years and what has helped me so much was really cleaning up my diet and taking supplements and fighting off Candida. If you read through the forum you will find so much help on how to how to get a grip on all of these (and so much more) areas. There are so many things that can be done to treat an individual. You have to experiment and find out what works for your husband. Of course I would, and have done this with the help of a good environmental dr. There really is alot of help and alot of hope.
  13. Yes we tried it for about 6 months without to much progress. However, I spoke with others who have had good success with it. Kids are doing well. We are on candida diet and supps.
  14. Here is a web site that has hekped many people. http://www.nutritioninstitute.com/Tourettes_Syndrome.html
  15. Maryann, The candida diet can be found on the "Wholefoods" website. Mainly no carbs or sugars.....lots of vegies. We've been taking nystatin powder and candida clear....separately for several months.
  16. Our kids are almost 8 and 9 and doing quite well for the past 1 1/2 yrs, since we changed diet to the "candida diet". Plus we give them probiotics, multi vits, and enzymes. We also had them to NAET dr last year 6 times. If they would be the way they are now, forever, that would be great. Still a few things, but very minor. Great to see your son is doing so well Lenny!
  17. Hi Faith, I don't understand the chemistry behind the probiotic elimination. It is something that dr Semon recommends so i am going to try it for a few months. I now have another positive testimony with Caryn - thanks for all of that Caryn, gives me even more motivation!! I will post and let everyone know how it is going for me. I'm going to MN for a week so I won't be posting till next week. There are going to be banquets and buffets and delicious food everywhere..... this is going to be trying!!
  18. We have been looking into Dr. Semon's 4 stage diet along with nystatin. there are many testimonials in his books (feast without yeast and the power to heal) ts patients who have NO tics after doing only strict candida diet and nystatin. Some have been tic free for weeks, others for years. I have spoken with the dr several times and a couple of his patients. Candida treatment does make sense to me as it seems to be the common theme among us with ts. The yeast does cause many of the symptoms that we and our children experience....allergies, compromised immune, tics, ect..... We have been doing
  19. Hi Jenny, Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information here. When we discovered our child had ts a year ago i spent about 4 hours a day reading through the threads on this forum and asking questions. After a few months we really had things under control. Our son continues to do well. We use bontech sups and are on a strict candida diet. I don't want to overwhelm you with info now, so i think the best advice I can give would be to read as much as possible here. Also Sheila Rogers has a book "tics and tourette's" which can can order online....... a very helpful resource. F
  20. Hi Brooka, We went to an environmental dr and he was a big help in guidibg us through various tests, and than in developing a plan for our 2 kids. You can go on the net and typr in ACAM for a list of enviro drs near you.
  21. Amen....Praise God for His love and people like you and so many others on this forum willing to share it.
  22. Hi Mom2three, I read over your posts and i didn't see whether or not you "cleaned up the diet"?? Does your daughter get any msg's , additives, artificial anything?? She may have candida which is what me and my 2 sons have. This can exacerbate ts symptoms. Also, we use Bonnies vits, they can take several weeks before they actually start working.
  23. We cut our 2 kids (age 6 & 7 ) sups in half and they did calm down a bit and are doing quite well in other areas. It may be worth a try.
  24. Hi Kallik, Fish oil sups from bontech works very well in keeping our kids calm. Without them they are quite hyper.
  25. Hi Tracey, We use Bontech sups. They work well for us and many other families. We also adhere to a very strict diet. The combination of these has given great results.
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