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  1. I usually make sentences in my head and they need to add up to an even number (ex. 10/20/30/40, etc...) so I tend to add words into a sentence to make it add up evenly...very odd, but, until I do it, my brain will keep repeating the sentence. This is very interesting hearing everyone else's situations
  2. Ha Ha...I have been wanting to know if there were others who could count the letters in sentences and I have found this site. I can count letters in sentences as people speak. I have been on a radio talk show for this "skill"...I didn't win, but people were blown away by it. My friends tend to call me Rain Mel (as in Rain Man). I have been doing it for years...not exactly sure how long, but, it's pretty funny how I didn't think it was that big of a deal until I started telling people about it and they were shocked and amazed!! Is this considered Obsessive Compulsive? Mel B
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