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  1. I've been helping Dr. T get caught up. He's been neck deep in Leroy and other research and lost his office staff. Can you call his office at exactly 8AM tomorrow? EST

  2. Hi, I sent Dr. T your post. He's been crazy trying to get Leroy in the news so we can get our PANDAS fight public. He said he promises he'll call today!

  3. Hi Socalmom,

    You know many of us here see the amazing Dr. Trifiletti in NJ. I realize that is very far away from you but if you can fax him his blood work, he will treat your son via a phone appointment. He is brilliant and will order whatever your child needs or talk to your local doc and explain it all to them. He's an amazing person we love him.


  4. We found a new family care who treats PANDAS in FAIRFIELD!!!!!!!!! Dr. Joseph Desent at New Horizon's Healthcare affiliated with Inland Hospital. Woooooo Hooooooo!

  5. Hello, After reading your post to the new PANDAS parent, do you have any experience with Streptozyme? My son has a neg ASO and anti-Dnase but pos Streptozyme...Any ideas or treatment suggestions?



  6. Hi Karen, I'm Nancy. The test to get is from a lab called Igenex www.igenex.com You can download the lab sheet there. Unfortunately you need a doctor to request it. Since I only can fit a few sentences here, feel free to email my own email at fcefxer@yahoo.com


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