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  1. My two PANS/Lyme boys are using Oxytocin nasal spray for 1 week so far, but have made multiple changes that week, so hard to tell if helped (but overall they are calmer). We have an RX waiting to use, but it muscle tests poorly so will not just yet. It must work in some people and not others. Would love to hear who it did/did not work for.
  2. Hi jukyardjean, I was googling low SigA and found your post. I am trying to improve my boys (6, 8yo) SigA which has been persistently low for well over a year, despite various treatments, ABx, GAPS diet, food elimination. Our latest stool test also shows extremely high enterococcus and strep, and they are identified as quite problematic (Bioscreen test from Australia) vs Doctors Data which lists under good flora. Our Aussie Dr also said, after talking to Dr Henry Butt, the microbiologist at Bioscreen, that enterococcus and strep are burrowing into the intestines and causing the damage
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