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  1. Hey Guys Alex: Wow mate thank you so much for those links. I'm in the process of contacting doctors through email and finding treatment so I will definitely try and contact Dr Jory Goodman ! The idea that my OCD could be solved by tonils being removed is amazing !!! PIK: I'm really happy for you man and I'm glad Clomipramine has worked a success for you. My psychiatrist said that its the next medication I will try if Effexor does not improve me. If you don't mind me asking mate how are the medication side effects and what dosage are you on ?
  2. Hey PIK Thanks for your message mate I really appreciate you taking the time and reading my story. I'm sorry you have had to deal with this awful disorder and I bet you know how rough the struggles can get. I'm definitely investigating PANDAS and have been fortunate to receive so much help from other members on here pointing me in the right direction. I really hope you are having luck finding treatment bro, if you don't mind me asking do you still currently have strong OCD symptoms at age 35 ? Or has the disorder changed over time ? Shelds.
  3. Hey Guys Chemar: Thanks for the welcome turns out you were right ! =) Pr40: Thank you very much for your advise and opinion on my condition. I agree with you and really do believe that my OCD was infection triggered. I will definitely try looking through this forum and try to locate Older patients who have possible PANDAS like myself. Diet keeps getting mentioned through research I have been reading online so it's really interesting that you mentioned gluten and casein free diets can help. I also completely agree with you that I require a highly experienced doctor to help me through this and
  4. Hey Guys I thought I would start by first introducing myself as I'm new to this forum along with a basic medical history. When I was approximately 5 years old my parents witnessed me becoming sick on one particular night. They told me that I exhibited a noticeable fever and it was quite obvious that I had a high temperature. On the other hand they never recall me complaining of a sore throat however they do remember that this was the first time I ever showed symptoms of OCD. On that night while having my fever I complained of having a Green Monster in my head and my parents tell me that it w
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