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  1. Hi just curious if anyone has found a supplement that might be helping with focus issues. My son is 12 and focus is our biggest issue. He also has tic disorder and was diagnosed last January with Pandas. Pandas Dr took him off intuniv thinking rounds of antibiotics would help reduce swelling and reduce tics and help o er all with all symptoms. As of today we are still battling the focus issue. He can read a book and by the time he gets to school the next day he can not remember what he read to pass the test
  2. Just needing opinions and experiences on it. So far I am not a fan .son takes 3 mg
  3. ok here is another question..... do your kids see just a pandas dr or do they see other specialist. I am thinking of seeing an immunologist in all hopes of building immune system to keep symptoms down.
  4. our pandas dr did say that ivig would be last resort. he gave us a supplement to try called A.I. Formula made by pure encapsulation and said he trys this first and has had really great results with it. it is ivig in a supplement is what he calls it. we did really good for about two weeks then son refused to take it due to tast being so bad. I am starting him back on today.
  5. qannie47- which diagnosis did your child recieve?
  6. we see a dr that handles Pandas but we see him every 3-4 months. ins doesn not cover and he is actually about two hrs away and it is very hard with our busy schedule to get in at times especially with two younger kiddos. we have only seen an immunologist once and that is who informed us about iga issue. he told us it would improve with age and nothing you could do or take to improve but to take vitamins. my son was on azithromycin as a prophylactic but was on for a two weeks and entire house gets strep and has to switch. so no not anymore. we need a refill and dr wabts us to come in also on abilify and when I refilled he only alowed 14 days and we can not come in until after 1 st of year and I am a little upset about this entire issue. thats why I was wondering if people had better luck with supplements helping rather then strong meds.
  7. we did have him along with lil brother and lil sis checked and all three have an IGA disoroder and last year found out that the 12 yr also had IGG as well as IGA. so this explains why he stays sick so much . he never runs fever just know he is sick when starts ticcing bad and complains of head and stomach.
  8. Hi My son is 12 and was diagnosed last January with Pandas. We have been tried antibiotic after antibiotic ,diff options for tics and now on Abilify 3 mg and nothing seems to help. His pandas symptoms all started with strep infection at age 6 and we were misdiagnosed for YEARS. He has not ran a fever since age 6 but has had numerous strep infections which led to removing tonsils and also has had the flu but this year has had it 3 times already since July. does anyone have any advice on what I might try to help boost immune system. I read on olive leaf oil to kill strep and elderberry to treat and prevent flu. I really want him off the abilify being it is doing nothing for tics and refuse to go up on dosage.
  9. Yes Dr Doctor and he is wonderful. Just was trying to see if there was anyone else out there that was also using him
  10. I think I just replied back to you. I hope you got it!!!
  11. Anyone here from Texas in the Houston area? If so have you ever heard or used Dr. Doctor?
  12. thanks for the info.. yes currently on antibiotic now. was on augmintin about two weeks ago for strep then lil brother comes down with impentigo and Dr called out Cefdinir for him to toake so currently on that. when not on antibiotic he takes azithromicin. I see you mentioned your child runs fever rowingmom. mine has not ran fever since age 5 when this mess all started. his Pandas Dr has him on a dietary supplement for immune system equal to IVIG called A.I. Formula. it is supposed to do pretty much same as IVIG just gradual .
  13. We were on intuniv for ADD and tics two yrs before actual diagnoses thinking he had tics from ADD but would show improvement would show improvement with antibiotics. so after our pedi suggesting it could be Pandas we have been batteling since age 6 decided to help a lil by finding a site that list information of possible drs that would have more information because she didnt know. This new Dr we found had us take him off Intuniv and we did the clonidine patches but like I said it didnt work so a month before school started we started Abilify. I am so scared of the possible side effects and things I have readabout a child under 20 taking this med.
  14. Hi , My son is 12 and was diagnosed with Pandas last Feb. we have done clonidine, clonidine patches and countless rounds of antibiotics but nothing seems to be helping his tic disorder. Our Dr in August decided to put him on Abilify ( not a happy camper) and still nothing. he is on 3 mg and still ticcing . Has anyone else taken Abilify and if so how soon did it work. I want him off being it is doing nothing but need to talk to dr first. thanks :-)
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