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    tenyearswithpans got a reaction from searching_for_help in psychology beliefs real or not   
    I have had a long road with pans and saw many psychiatrist/psychologists. I take psychology and know a lot of main beliefs. For example they have no cause for how the brain is acting like it is. They have theories about many chemicals but none yet to be proven.
    The only assumption they all assume is all psych disorders run in families and the brain stops working correctly. They have no proven cause why but they believe this. They love to prescribe any medication that will help on thing but most likely the person will have to deal with 5 side effects plus withdrawal getting off of it.
    Does anybody besides me find that ridiculous!! I think our country needs to do more research with neurological and autoimmune caused. It makes a lot more sense that a virus, bacteria, or disease/disorder causes the brain to miss fire.
    Please share your thoughts
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    tenyearswithpans reacted to mommybee in Weaning off Prozac   
    Gee. The doctor who prescribed prozac for my child (20 mg, if I remember correctly) said that because of the long half life, the Prozac self tapers. In other words, it leaves the system slowly. Because the medicine was never of any help in the first place (SSRI's aren't effective if the cause of the OCD is triggered by an infection rather than a serotonin imbalance), I don't have any personal knowledge about whether our doctor was correct or not. All I can say is that my kid just stopped taking the stuff with no problems at all.
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