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  1. Ah Ruby, please don't make your stress level worse by thinking you're going crazy: 1. Your brain is just overstimulated. 2. Some of us are just wired with this predisposition. 3. Our bodies have to get rid of the excess energy racing around in our body, so our brains have come up with this ingenious way to use it up. 4. It just becomes problematic when it starts to add to our stress, which is bound to happen eventually. 5. You HAVE to get exercise. It's a healthy way to get rid of some of that excess energy. 6. Cut out the caffeine. 7. Talk to your doctor about trying an anti-a
  2. I am sitting here in tears because I am so happy that I have FINALLY found people that have a similar "problem". My word counting is a little weird. My brain will pick up words, no matter what I am doing, and I will count consonants on one hand and vowels on the other. Then, the consanants and vowels must be divisible by the number of syllables in the word. Anyone else do this or ever heard of it?? I am in desperate need of help here. I feel like I am going insane. I think this started when I was in elementary school or a little later, but has NEVER been this bad. It is actually keepin
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