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  1. Testosterone certainly causes acne in some, and TS is more prevalent in males than females. Androgens have a proinflammatory effect on the body and no doubt negatively impact the nervous system. Progesterone has shown to have a protective effect on the brain and nervous system. It also decreases acne. I would suggest eating foods that promote a better hormonal balance. You are already doing an anti-inflammatory diet, so it doesn't get much better than that, but do watch out for preservatives etc..keep in clean and natural. Eating foods to balance out your hormones is tough to do without ingesting chem warfare these days, as edamame, and other natural soy products will calm your acne and tics, but they are the worst when it comes to pesticide, and GMO. I would try for a couple of weeks, Dr. Mercola's Krill Oil for Women. Don't worry, you won't grow breasts. It will only help...try it for a full two weeks. If you are interested in eating to cool off the acne etc...look into Aryuvedic (never spell that right) food and treatments (all herbal). It an ancient and effective system of balancing out your "fire." My son and I have TS. I feel your pain I really do. I'm an RN, and know from both personal experience, and insider knowledge, that the rx drugs for TS are horrendous. We use botanical medicine, herbs, supplements etc...and avoid over vaccinating, chemical food etc...works wonders. Still, we have TS, and my son tics when stressed. I too, have racing thoughts, always have. It's a gift and curse. Reading helps. Reading will occupy that part of your brain that wants to run, but let your body relax. Actually I found a book that hypnotizes me to sleep. I don't think it was intended that way, but when I read it, I go into this place in my head, and then fall asleep. It's Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now. I have a hard time meditating in silence (which is my goal) because my mind runs wild. But this book taught me how to shut it down. Modern day miracle I swear. Also, relaxing music, Indian chants, any hypnotic chanting will put you into a place that is peaceful. The more you get there, the more you will live there. I bought a few things on itunes. I have this chant/mantra with a video of a water droplet that I love so much, I put it on my website. Feel free to go and watch, or even scrape it onto your own files. I think I found it on youtube. my site address is **. I don't sell anything, so this is not a promotion. I just keep a site to help my clients find natural/alternative treatments etc...free library of sorts. CBD oil, which is legal in all states, and from the industrial hemp plant is making a big splash with TS. It's actually being used to stop seizure activity, and many other neuro issues. Dr. Sanjoy Gupta did a great docu on the subject. I use it from time to time, as does my son. I use Dixie Botanical Dew Drops, and recently bought CBD gum. You can get it from Amazon. Acne! There really are natural treatments for acne that are effective. But, if you go to an MD (medicine doctor) for help, you will get medicine. It's like looking for water in a sandbox. Not there. So, my favorite acne killer is coconut oil. Clean your face with a chem free soap (start shopping at a whole food market etc..), and put on the coconut oil as a moisturizer. Do this at night. During the day, you can do this, but may want to wipe it off before you leave the house! It will have done it's thing already. It soaks in enough to work. Also, try silver soap as your wash. You can find that on Amazon too. Silver is a natural antibiotic, and coconut oil is a natural antimicrobial, anti everything and pro health. It's just good stuff. Put it in your morning coffee or tea, cook with it, make it your goto oil. It's amazing stuff. I hope some of this helps. When my son was little, and he asked what was wrong with him (which broke my heart into a million pieces) I told him nothing..not a thing, that maybe we were part of the new human species..smarter, faster, always thinking, and we were a model still in progress, with a few glitches here and there. He liked that. Now that he's older, he says we might be in beta (he's a gamer) Maybe it's true... Everybody's got something.
  2. Hi I'm Leslie. I have TS, my 10 y/o son has TS, and it's looking like my 4 y/o son has TS too. We use a nature based approach for all health/wellness issues. Right now, things are tough for my son. I went down the road of RX meds when I was young, and I know not to even bother. I feel so guilty. He is at times, so sad, depressive, moody and even hopeless. His self esteem is almost non existent. This is tough.
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