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  1. We have had similarly frustrating experiences with the office staff. It is very very frustrating that they are the gatekeepers to Dr. B. He, however, is wonderful. Try again, and get on the wait list. We were on the wait list and kept calling about cancellations and ended up being seen much sooner.
  2. We also see Dr. B. When we first called last April, we were given an appointment in December. The nurse told us to call every few days to check for cancellations. We ended up getting a September cancellation. Dr. B has been very helpful for my whole family. We went thinking we had one child with PANDAS, but ended up with a PANDAS diagnosis for both of our girls. Dr. B diagnosed one of my kids with Bartonella- she has had the rash for YEARS, but it had been misdiagnosed by her pediatrician and dermatologist as regular stretch marks. She has been on meds for about two months, and the rash is abo
  3. We just got back some blood work on our daughters. Does anyone know what the Herpesvirus 6 DNA QN test is for? Both my kids tested high for this, but is this just a titres test?
  4. It seems really tough to tell the difference with the stretch marks. My daughter's are on her lower belly and her arms. They are quite prominent. She's had them for years, and our pediatrician and our dermatologist told me they were just stretch marks. It wasn't until we finally got to Dr. B that he told us they were Bart. My daughter has been on two different ABX for about two months. Many of her ADD symptoms have significantly subsided. She still has major aches and pains and anxiety.
  5. My daughter has stretch marks like that (and many of the symptoms you mentioned your son having) and was diagnosed with Bartonella a month ago.
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