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  1. Hello, We are hoping to find a doctor in the Midwest area who can offer extensive testing to treat our son’s symptoms. We would like a doctor not afraid to try a long course of antibiotics, as we suspect it may be related to a case of strep. A brief history; two years ago our, then, 13 year old son suddenly started showing symptoms such as “soft” ticks (not jerking, but squirming, repetitive body movements such as turning his head with his eyes rolled up numerous times. When he sees us looking at him, he “snaps” out of it), he frequently reaches several times to grab things before actually getting hold of it or trying to get up out of a chair step a few times before actually going, and also a real struggle with homework. Up until then, he’s been an excellent student. He’s also had some instances of ‘brain fog’, and some more. Since then the symptoms have cycled up and down, and for periods of time he has sometimes shown no symptoms. We’ve gotten blood & strep tests, MRI & psych testing. One dr. says tics (and says if they don’t disrupt his life, don’t worry about them), another Dr. says ADHD, & another mentioned OCD. The strep test showed slightly elevated Dnase titers, but were back in the normal range when tested 3 months later so the Dr. advised no treatment. There are no cases of anything like this in our family [history]. Nor did our son ever have a diagnosis of strep throat. The symptoms are on the rise again & the “soft” tics & periods of brain fog. Needless to say we are very concerned ... Thank you …
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