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  1. I have eye twitching & vocal tics. I am 26 M. Haven't been dx with TS yet. 3 Months ago i had muscle twitching in my arm,this was only for one day and then disappeared.10 days ago it started again and is causing me troubles and pain. It is mostly in my right arm, mild in left arm. Its like shivering in the upper arm.i.e mostly internal muscle twitching.It also extends to the hand sometimes.I feel its in the tricep muscle towards the elbow joint. Another problem is that it is hampering my sleep.With vocal tics / eye twitching they go away when i am about to sleep or if i am resting. Th
  2. Hi, I am 26 M. I am having eye twitching since i was 12yo .I used to have cold once every year but not as severe as the one i had 20 months back. Took over the counter medicine.No antibiotics.Stayed at home & Cold lasted for 3 days.On the 4th day i resumed work & started clearing my throat occasionally.I thought its just because of the mucus.But in a week or so it matured into throat grunting. I also consulted 2 neurologists and i told them about the infection,they said 'it doesn't matter'. Since it was a sudden onset of Vocal Tics after infection, i am considering strep. Can
  3. hi everyone, I am 26 yrs old male .I am located in New Delhi,India, people here have no idea at all about TS.Doctors are also not very helpful on this.I have reading a lot on TS but most of the info is targeted for kids. So here i am in need of help ! Pardon me for the extra long post. My history - 1998/12 years old - Started with eye blinking.Very mild.Parents thought it as some kind of habit as did other people.Since it was very mild, it never caused trouble at school or anywhere else.Things continued like this for a few years. 2002/16 yrs Consulted some eye doctors and they tried
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