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  1. Thank you everyone for these amazing tips and advice. We are here doing the IVIG now...finally! I wanted to know if anyone also has thoughts about the next two weeks in terms of putting our son back in his camp with other kids, or if we should try to keep him home and away from exposure to viruses, etc. My husband says that he heard he will be extra vulnerable to infections over the next 10 days immediately following IVIG. Is this true? Have any of you heard this as well? Thanks for any thoughts on this!
  2. Hello all, I am fairly new here (but unfortunately not new to PANDAS) Tomorrow we will be giving my 9 y.o. (ADHD, ODD, OCD) son his first IVIG and I need a little hand holding/moral support. I am so nervous and would love to hear any success stories out there. Also, we have him on lots of supplements as well as 2 abx (Azithromycin and a Cephalasporin). I understand that a common side effect is naseau and vomiting. I am assuming that for the next several days we should hold off on supplements (even the ones that help with his huge YEAST problem from the abx??) Any thoughts here? Al
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