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  1. Update: Sorry to wait so long... but you all understand I am sure! I received my final denial from Aetna UPS basically stating that PANDAS does not have a diagnosis code in the ICD-9 or ICD-10 or the DSM-5 - so they were basically saying it didn't exist. My husbands company is switching to Teamsters insurance in January and will be out of the "insurance business" then, so... they don't care. Luckily I received my denial during my open enrollment with my school employer and when I asked about IVIG for PANDAS they stated it is "standard procedure" for that diagnosis. What??? I had to a
  2. Thank you for the thought... I looked up the symptoms and they do not match. I will look in to a health advocate.
  3. We were denied IVIG for my 7yo daughter who has been diagnosed with PANDAS by Dr. K in Chicago. This was our first appeal and my second one goes directly to my husbands company. We have Aetna insurance, but the appeal had to go through a company that is part of MEDCO (the prescription company). I used an amazing letter a parent wrote on here as the basis and added the new study from NIMH and upadated info. I am guessing that this letter will be the best bet for this appeal as well. Here is my concern, we feel it is important to get my daughter in soon, since school will be starting and
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