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  1. To Marretts: Yes, FJ on braintalk is quite knowledgeable. FJ was kind enough to break down how B1 should be taken. Sorry to hear that you are going through what I'm going through. I think it is the shock of it all. Then the ticcing. Then the social stigmatism. It was for me. I'm still there. Glad to hear you are getting some success with the vitamin supplements and avoiding triggers. I'm hoping we also have success with vitamin supplements. I'm currently shopping for them. As for the car... I noticed a few more blinks when we initially get into the car. I think for u
  2. Here is the study: Pediatrics 1998; 102: 14-19 July, 1998 SECTION: ARTICLES LENGTH: 4848 words TITLE: Course of Tic Severity in Tourette Syndrome: The First Two Decades AUTHOR: James F. Leckman, MD <1>; Heping Zhang, PhD <2>; Amy Vitale, BA <1>; Fatima Lahnin, BA <1>; Kimberly Lynch, MSN <1>; Colin Bondi, MA <1>; Young-Shin Kim, MD <1>; and Bradley S. Peterson, MD <1> ABSTRACT: Objective. Prevalence studies indicate a 10-fold higher rate of Tourette syndrome (TS) among children compared with adults. The purpose of t
  3. Hi everyone: I've read some articles about tics. A lot of time, they state that kids who suffer from TS get the minor tics and not severe tics. There also is a study that indicates that by 18, 90% of TS kids have zero or minor tics. Well... does anyone know what is considered a minor tics? Are eye blinks considered a minor tic? If you ask me, I think they are one of the worst tics. Thanks.
  4. Hi Efgh and Jean - thanks for replying. My daughter will be 5 years old this month. She had a one eye winking problem when she was just 2 1/2 years old. It was triggered by a film shown in the library. It was an off and on switch directly connected to the film. If the film was shown, she'd start the right eye winking. After the film, she'd stop winking after 1 hour exactly. That bout lasted only 2 weeks. We tested her again and again. It was like switching a light switch. The correlation was startling. There was no room for guessing. It was black and white. Even the optometrist
  5. Hi everyone: My daughter has a chronic eye blinking tic. She started to blink her eyes really hard since November 2003. It started out as a right eye wink then became both eyes blinking. She started out constantly winking and esculated to blinking every second for hours. I felt she was practically 1/2 blind. That episode lasted 2 days. Now we are in our 11th week and she is still blinking. The frequency varies all the time. One day it can be a really bad day of blinking and yet another day it is better (but hard eye blinking still there). Then there are days where that particular day
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