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    PIK got a reaction from EAMom in High ASO and Penicillin   
    I have a followup appointment in one month. I don't know if he's planning on repeating the injection (which is what I think is done for rheumatic fever) but if I continue feeling better, I will ask him to do so. I just got results from the ASO titer he drew. It is still at 800.
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    PIK got a reaction from Hrosenkrantz in Dr. T in Ramsey NJ   
    I had a meeting today with Dr. T in Ramsey NJ and I am very impressed. He was EXTREMELY thorough, and listened to EVERYTHING I had to say. I could feel his brain working as he was listening to me. He ordered a lot of tests and told me he would get back to me I'm feeling very hopeful. Other than my rheumatologist, he is the first doctor I've spoken with who believed me about being ill and didn't just discount what I had to say as "somatization", psychological issues, or some sort of psychosomatic delusional process. I really am hopeful that this will be the end of like a 20+ year battle with physical and mental complaints ruining my life. But just the fact that a doctor took me seriously just feel so good.
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