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  1. Wow. Really interesting article. Thanks for sharing. We thought our daughter's symptoms became worse after I (mistakenly, I now realize) tried to reintroduce eggs into her diet.
  2. Wow! Thank you all so much for the wonderful information. I asked the doctors at Nichols Cottage several times to run some of these additional tests and was told that there was no point as PANDAS has already been ruled out (and the reason given was that we have a family history of anxiety? I don't even remember my husband or I saying that we had a family history of anxiety. Particularly because we don't.... odd. I will try to contact Dr. Swedo again. When we first contacted NIMH we didn't realize how life-threatening the situation was. Again, I cannot thank you all enough. Sorry
  3. My 10yo daughter is currently in-patient at Nichols Cottage in White Plains and not getting much help at all with her OCD. Does anyone know of a good CBT treatment nearby either in-patient or extensive (maybe an outpatient day program?)? Thanks, Valerie
  4. Thanks so much for everything. She has seen a rheumatologist who ruled out lupus. We are close to White Plains (about 20 min away). She is on the waiting list (3-4 week wait) of Cognitive Behavioral Specialists of Westchester. We did contact the NIMH (earlier, before she stopped refusing to eat/drink) and they said she wasn't a candidate for their study because she has had some OCD symptoms in the past. She had some for a few months when she was 8 (nowhere NEAR as severe as now) and even more moderate ones when she was 5. In the past we didn't realize that her symptoms may have b
  5. My daughter was hospitalized last Wednesday night (1 AM Thursday) at Nichols Cottage (part of NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital). I’ve been lurking here and had someone post on my behalf to this group, but it’s been sporadic as we’ve been dealing with a crisis situation with her (she’s 10) and our whole family. She went from a functioning 10 yo in April to having major rages to having OCD symptoms 24/7, to having OCD plus rages and anxiety attacks. Ultimately, the OCD was preventing her from eating, drinking or sleeping despite our family’s best efforts, so we don’t think we had any choic
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