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  1. She is pandas but also had HE diagnosis from Duke. I don't really think it's HE however. She had plasmapheresis last month and we have been doing ivig every 2 weeks. She will have her second round of rituximab on Monday. Maybe I just need to sit tight? Just really frustrating because she has been so sick for so long. her OCD led to anorexia so we really need something to turn around soon.
  2. My 13 year old daughter started rituximab Monday. Can anyone share their experience? How long before you saw results? Do they get worse before they get better....because she seems to be the worst she's been in a very long time
  3. We are considering transferring my daughter to Rogers very soon. She has anorexia due to Pans. We will be paying out of pocket so we want to be sure it's worth it. We are coming from a hospital who took her off all antibiotics and will only treat with psych meds. Any input about Rogers is appreciated.
  4. How long does it take for biaxin to work when treating mycoP? My daughter has been on almost 3 weeks and we have seen positive changes in her mood but no change in the OCD.
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